Midnight (1939) Poster


Mary Astor: Helene Flammarion


  • Jacques Picot : You're wonderful.

    Eve Peabody : You're magnificent.

    Helene Flammarion : You're talking across the board.

  • Helene Flammarion : Odd, her coming here alone.

    Marcel : I notice she didn't go home alone.

  • Georges Flammarion : The ground has just opened under our feet.

    Eve Peabody : Well... and me all set to jump for that tub of butter.

    Georges Flammarion : We've landed in something, all right, but it's not butter.

    Eve Peabody : Here they come.

    Georges Flammarion : I'll stand by you as best I can.

    Helene Flammarion : Ladies and gentlemen, may I have a word, please. I want to tell you something which I think will both interest and amuse you. Under our roof tonight, we have, as a guest, a person claiming one of the oldest names in the Almanach de Gotha.

    [Crowd mutters] 

    Helene Flammarion : I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Hungarian aristocracy, but let me assure you that in all middle Europe there is no family...

    Servant : Baron Tibor Czerny.

    [Crowd gasps and mutters loudly] 

    Stephanie : Well.

  • Tibor Czerny : Remember our honeymoon in Copenhagen, darling? That Danish officer?

    Eve Peabody : Oh... oh, Olaf. Oh, I never even looked at him.

    Tibor Czerny : Poor fellow. He's dead now. Heaven forgive me.

    Helene Flammarion : Oh, you're that kind of man. How wonderful.

  • Jacques Picot : I'm terribly sorry. It's difficult to concentrate on cards... sometimes.

    Eve Peabody : [Referring to Jacques' dislike of Helene's feathered hat]  Naturally, when you're worrying about the future of the ostrich plume.

    Helene Flammarion : I don't think that's very funny.

    Jacques Picot : I do.

    Eve Peabody : Well, thanks.

  • Helene Flammarion : Poor Jacques! Oh, my soul, this is heaven. Baroness Czerny indeed! Of all the impudence. The consummate impudence! We'll take this with us.

    Marcel : Now, Helene, don't let's hush this up and don't let's wait until tomorrow. Go on, let's have a lovely scandal!

  • Stephanie : [In Simone's hat shop]  Oh, dear! If ever a woman needed a new hat, it is I. I'm being SUED - for fifty thousand francs.

    Helene Flammarion : [Shocked]  No!

    Simone : By whom?

    Stephanie : By the Archduchess of Mendola. You know that creature I had thrown out last night? And I thought it was that "Eve Peabody"? Ha! It really WAS the Archduchess of Mendola.

  • Helene Flammarion : We put you in here.

    Tibor Czerny : Oh what a delightful room.

    Helene Flammarion : It's the bridal suite of the chateau.

    Tibor Czerny : Well, in a way this is very like a honeymoon. Isn't it, darling?

    Eve Peabody : [Chuckles uncomfortably]  In a way. I feel if I'd been hit on the head with an old shoe.

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