Midnight (1939) Poster


John Barrymore: Georges Flammarion


  • Georges Flammarion : The ground has just opened under our feet.

    Eve Peabody : Well... and me all set to jump for that tub of butter.

    Georges Flammarion : We've landed in something, all right, but it's not butter.

    Eve Peabody : Here they come.

    Georges Flammarion : I'll stand by you as best I can.

    Helene Flammarion : Ladies and gentlemen, may I have a word, please. I want to tell you something which I think will both interest and amuse you. Under our roof tonight, we have, as a guest, a person claiming one of the oldest names in the Almanach de Gotha.

    [Crowd mutters] 

    Helene Flammarion : I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Hungarian aristocracy, but let me assure you that in all middle Europe there is no family...

    Servant : Baron Tibor Czerny.

    [Crowd gasps and mutters loudly] 

    Stephanie : Well.

  • Eve Peabody : When I married, I didn't realize that in the Czerny family there was a streak of... shall we say, eccentricity? And yet, I had warning. Why else should his grandfather have sent me, as an engagement present, one roller skate - covered with Thousand Island dressing?

    Jacques Picot : [Shocked]  What?

    Georges Flammarion : Of course, of course I'd forgotten! The Czerny's are all like that. You know, I met an old aunt - the Countess Antonia. I thought she was an Indian. It turned out, that she used paprika instead of face powder.

  • Georges Flammarion : [Guests are filing out of Stephanie's musical soiree]  Did you ever find that "Eve Peabody"?

    Stephanie : Finally. I had her thrown out. She was a *horrible* old woman. Roger found her in the powder room. Imagine! You know, she claimed to be the Archduchess of Mendola.

  • Eve Peabody : [Pretending to talk to her fictitious mother-in-law in Budapest]  Oh, yes, mama. How's Francie? What did the doctor say? Oh, good. The baby's temperature has gone down. The spots have practically disappeared. What did you say, mother? It isn't measles at all.

    Georges Flammarion : [Pretending to be Tibor's mother]  No, dear. It's just a plain case of alcohol poisoning. The baby must have had one high ball too many.

    Eve Peabody : Oh!

    Georges Flammarion : She was out all night. We picked her up in the gutter.

    Eve Peabody : [Warm laughter]  Oh ho ho! How cute of her. Oh, she loves it so.

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