Stagecoach (1939) Poster


John Carradine: Hatfield



  • Dr. Josiah Boone : Seems to me I knew your family, Henry. Didn't I fix your arm once when you, oh, bumped off a horse?

    Ringo Kid : Are you Doc Boone?

    Dr. Josiah Boone : I certainly am. Ah, let's see... I'd just been honorably discharged from the Union Army after the War of the Rebellion.

    Hatfield : You mean the War for the Southern Confederacy, sir.

    Dr. Josiah Boone : I mean nothing of the kind, sir!

    Ringo Kid : That was my kid brother broke his arm. You did a good job, Doc, even if you was drunk.

    Dr. Josiah Boone : Thank you, son. Professional compliments are always pleasing. What happened to that boy whose arm I fixed?

    Ringo Kid : He was murdered.

  • Hatfield : A gentleman doesn't smoke in the presence of a lady.

    Dr. Josiah Boone : Three weeks ago I took a bullet out of a man who was shot by a gentleman. The bullet was in his back!

    Hatfield : You mean to insinuate...

    Ringo Kid : Sit down, mister. Doc don't mean no harm.

  • Hatfield : You wouldn't understand, cowboy. You've never seen an angel, nor a gentle woman, nor a great lady.

  • Hatfield : Put out that cigar. You're annoying this lady.

    Dr. Josiah Boone : Excuse me, madame. Being so partial to the weed myself, I sometimes forget that it disagrees with others.

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