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Claire Trevor: Dallas



  • Dallas : Well, you gotta live no matter what happens.

  • Ringo Kid : Look, Miss Dallas. You got no folks... neither have I. And, well, maybe I'm takin' a lot for granted, but... I watched you with that baby - that other woman's baby. You looked... well, well I still got a ranch across the border. There's a nice place - a real nice place... trees... grass... water. There's a cabin half built. A man could live there... and a woman. Will you go?

    Dallas : But you don't know me - you don't know who I am.

    Ringo Kid : I know all I wanna know. Will you go?

    Dallas : Oh, don't talk like that!

  • Ringo Kid : My father and brother were shot down by the Plummer boy... Guess you don't know how it feels to loose your own folks that way.

    Dallas : I lost mine when I was a kid. It was a massacre on Superstition Mountain.

    Ringo Kid : That's tough - especially on a girl.

  • Dallas : [the ladies of the Law and Order League are running Dallas out of town; Doc Boone is being thrown out by his landlady]  Doc, haven't I any right to live? What have I done?

    Dr. Josiah Boone : We're the victims of a foul disease called social prejudice, my child. These dear ladies of the Law and Order League are scouring out the dregs of the town. Come on. Be a proud, glorified dreg like me.

    Tonto Sheriff : You get goin' Doc. You're drunk.

    Boone's Landlady : Hmmph! Two of a kind! Just two of a kind.

    Dr. Josiah Boone : [Offering Dallas his arm, then making a reference to the French Revolution]  Take my arm, Madame le Comtesse! The tumbrel awaits. To the guillotine!

  • Dallas : Why do you look at me like that?

    Ringo Kid : I'm just trying to remember. Ain't I seen you someplace before, ma'am?

    Dallas : No. No, you haven't.

    Ringo Kid : I wish I had though.

  • Ringo Kid : Well, I used to be a good cowhand. But, things happen.

    Dallas : Yeah, that's it. Things happen.

  • Dallas : Ringo? Ringo? Ringo?

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