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  • Grover's Corners is a small town nestled somewhere in New Hampshire in the early 20th century, as explained by the Stage Manager (Frank Craven). The focus is on high school students Emily Webb (Martha Scott) and her next door neighbor George Gibbs (William Holden). As they grow up, Emily and George fall in love and marry, typical for people in Grover's Corners. Very typical until... Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Our Town is based on the 1938 three-act play 'Our Town' by American playwright Thornton Wilder. The play won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Thornton himself adapted his play for the film, aided by American screenwriters Frank Craven and Harry Chandlee. A TV remake, also titled Our Town (2003), was released in 2003. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • George and Emily marry and have a child together. Seven years later, while Emily is birthing their second child, she slips into a coma. She is buried in the town cemetery along with others who have gone before her, such as gay choir director Mr Stimson (Philip Wood), her little brother Wally (Douglas Gardner), and George's mother (Fay Bainter). When Emily bemoans her passing, they advise her to forget and go forward. To help her along, they suggest she re-live one day of her life. Emily chooses to re-live her 16th birthday but, as the scenes pass before her eyes, she realizes that everyone is impatient and that they don't take the time to look at and notice each other or to live while they can. 'I want to live!' she cries out. Emily awakens from the coma to find the doctor slapping her newborn's bottom and George peeking through the bedroom door. In the final scene, the Stage Manager reminds the audience that 'you gotta love life to have life, and you gotta have life to love life.' He then wishes everyone good night. Edit (Coming Soon)


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