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    Season 4 (1937-1938) stars Orson Welles (Lamont Cranston / The Shadow), Agnes Moorehead (Margo Lane) and Ken Roberts (announcer); sponsored by Blue Coal over the Mutual Network Sunday - 5:30 - 6:00 P.M. EST

    09/26/37 The Death House Rescue | WRITTEN BY: Edward Hale Bierstadt | PLOT: Bank robbers trick an unemployed husband and father into driving the getaway car and taking the rap for their crimes, which include killing a policeman. He ends up on Death Row and will be electrocuted unless The Shadow can save him. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: at here.

    10/03/37 The Red Macaw

    10/10/37 Danger in the Dark

    10/17/37 Murder by the Dead

    10/24/37 The Temple Bells of Neban

    10/31/37 The Three Ghosts

    11/05/37 Death Rides the Skyway

    11/14/37 Terror Island

    11/21/37 The Ruby of Modoc

    11/28/37 Circle of Death

    12/05/37 The House of Greed

    12/12/37 The Death Triangle

    12/19/37 Cold Death

    12/26/37 The Voice of Death | WRITTEN BY: by Carl Bixby

    01/02/38 The Idol Talks

    01/09/38 The League of Terror

    01/16/38 Sabotage

    01/23/38 The Society of the Living Dead

    01/30/38 The Poison Death

    02/06/38 The Phantom Voice

    02/13/38 The House of Horror

    02/20/38 Hounds in the Hills

    02/27/38 The Plot Murder

    03/06/38 The Bride of Death

    03/13/38 The Silent Avenger

    03/20/38 The White Legion

    The 1938 Summer Season starring Orson Welles (Lamont Cranston / The Shadow), Agnes Moorehead (Margo Lane) and Ken Roberts (Announcer); syndicated by Goodrich Safety Silvertowns. Dates and times vary with locality.

    The Hypnotized Audience

    Death from the Deep


    The Blind Begger Dies

    Power of the Mind

    White God

    Aboard the Steamship "Amazon"

    Murders in Wax

    Message from the Hills

    The Creeper

    Tenor with a Broken Voice

    Murder on Approval

    The Tomb of Terror

    Death Under the Chapel

    Caravans of Death

    Orson Wells also starred in the 1939 Summer Season which were repeats of the 15 broadcasts from 1938 Summer Season.

    Source: Frank Passage's Old-time Radio Program Guide Edit (Coming Soon)


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