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slam1321 September 2008
Bogdan Khmelnitsky is the one of the great epic war films. It is not so famous, like 'Alexandr Nevsky', but still great. And besides, it is much more stuck to the real history. 17th century, Ukraine is under the yoke of the Polish servitude for centuries. And there is almost constant war between Tatars, Poles and Cossaсks for decades. Finally Poles decided to eliminate the Ukrainians. But there was a time, when Cossacks lived in the Ukraine. The real Cossacks, they were brave, decent and devoted to their brotherhood. You can even be Tatar or Pole, but if you became orthodox and love freedom, they accept you like their brother. You only should not drink 'gorilka' after Cossacks set out against an enemy. May be they look funny to the western public, but you can find a lot of great deeds and sacrifices in this movie.

Two Cossacks captured by the Poles and they lead them right on the pompous ball. One of the Poles cursing them and jabbing them with his sable. Cossacks are not paid any attention, but just asking each other, did the flea bite you? Polish general said: - Stop it, I know, how to talk with them… You, slaves, do you know, that this evening we will torture you by the hot iron and we will impale you next morning. And then we will watch on you, until the stake will achieve your throat. - O, thank you lord, - answered laughing Cossacks, - You have a kind heart. But can we ask you for a last wish? - OK, what do you want? - O, please, seat us on a low stake… - But why do you want these low stakes? - If we will be impaled on the low stakes, then you can kiss us in the asses more convenient… he-he-he…. Polish ladies are fainting…
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