The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) Poster

Lindy Wade: Daniel Stone


  • Daniel Stone : [riding Daniel Webster's buggy]  Make them go faster, Mister!

    Daniel Webster : They're not race horses, Daniel. They're good old friends of mine. I call them Constitution and Bill of Rights, the most dependable pair for long journeys. I've got one called Missouri Compromise, too, and then there's a Supreme Court - a fine, dignified horse, but you do have to push him now and then.

    Daniel Stone : I'd like to see all your horses.

    Daniel Webster : Maybe you can, sometime, Daniel. I'm a farmer, you know, and like to show my farm. There's something else I'd like to show you.

    Daniel Stone : What's that, sir?

    Daniel Webster : Well, it's high and it's wide and it goes a long way and there is a wind blowing through it and a blue roof over it - it's the hills up here and the rivers running south and the new States growing in the West.

    Daniel Stone : Anybody can see that.

    Daniel Webster : That's where you're wrong, Mr. Stone. There are people who live and die without ever seeing it. They can't see the country for the money in their pockets. Some think their state's the country, or the way they live is the country, and they're willing to split the country because of that. I hope you'll meet all those, when you're grown. You'll meet the fire-eaters and the Circassian beauties, that's part of the fair, to be sure. But if we had to depend on them, in a permanent way, the country would have stopped at the Allegheny mountains.

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