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  • Adam Lemp and his four daughters (Ann, Thea, Kay, and Emma) find themselves in financial and emotional crises. Thea's husband Ben has promoted a Florida housing development to everyone in town, and when a hurricane wipes out the investments of all their friends, the Lemps decide to pay back the losses, even if it costs them their own home. Kay's husband Clint is so devoted to his medical research that he risks losing Kay. And Ann's husband Felix, encountering Kay during an out-of-town trip, finds his loneliness putting his marriage at risk. Meanwhile, as a result of the antipathy of the townspeople due to the investment disaster, Adam loses his beloved position with the musical society.

  • After siring four musically inclined daughters of his own, Adam Lemp, the Dean of the Briarwood Music Foundation, hopes that his so far four grandchildren - also all girls - will be just as musically inclined. His daughters have all settled into married life, with most having a secure and promising financial future. Ann Lemp Dietz's husband, Felix Dietz, is making a good living as a nationally renowned and highly sought after composer and conductor. Emma Lemp Talbot's husband, florist Ernest Talbot, has just developed a new waterless flower pot which promises to bring in a minor windfall. Kay Lemp Forrest's husband, Dr. Clinton Forrest Jr., is doing less well financially if only because he is determined to discover the cause of the lung disease afflicting many of the lumbermen in town, and in doing so has decided they should live like those lumbermen near the factory. Kay supports what he's doing, but doesn't much like that she feels she is playing second fiddle to his work. And Thea Lemp Crowley's husband, Ben Crowley, is probably doing the best financially as a Florida real estate developer. In fact, Adam and his sister, Etta, have invested their life savings in Ben's project, Ocean Zephyrs, with Adam being on the Board. Adam has also convinced many of his long time neighbors in Briarwood to invest, which has made them all wealthier than they thought possible. But when a hurricane hits the Florida coast wiping out Ocean Zephyrs, it wipes them out financially in the process, with many in town blaming Adam. To keep the peace in town, Adam wants to repay the minor fortune his neighbors lost. At the same time, Adam gets fired from his job at the Foundation for being outmoded in his thinking as he has never embraced popular modern music. Adam and his daughters' families work at cross purposes on how to get Adam out of his financial hole, all the while trying to restore what was once the good name of Adam Lemp in Briarwood. In the process, some of his daughters' marriages hit rough spots as they work toward what each individual believes his/her priority should be.



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  • Four sisters and their husbands bail out their father after a town takes his financial advice.

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