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Better than the original
SkippyDevereaux24 December 1999
This is a nice little mystery from Warner Brothers in the 1940's and I thought it was much more enjoyable than the original version that was made by the same studio in the 1930's. I always thought that Lee Patrick was much underrated as an actress, but this is just another good movie for a very good actress.
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Precode material is sometimes best left in the precode era
AlsExGal23 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a remake of the 1932 Warner Brothers film "Miss Pinkerton". Warner Brothers was a major recycler of movie material with the same movie sometimes being remade twice during the 30's and 40's. The original film did not really have any precode moments to speak of. It was just a creaky old house murder mystery with Joan Blondell in the role of the nurse of the old lady who had the terrible shock of discovering her nephew's body. George Brent played the inexperienced police detective who was out to solve the crime.

In this film Regis Toomey is the inexperienced detective and Lee Patrick is the nurse. Regis Toomey is better at playing a bumbling detective than George Brent - Brent just played the part too deliberately. On the other hand I think I prefer Blondell in the original as the nurse. Lee Patrick certainly could play the "wise cracking dame" pretty well, but she was 40 when this film was made versus Blondell who was 26 when she played the role and was more age appropriate for the part.

The one thing that has improved over the years were production values - the sound recording is better, and you can see detail better even though this is an old dark house. Still, I think there is nothing of note that this remake adds to the original. If you haven't seen "Miss Pinkerton" I think you'll like it, but if you have seen the original I'd just stick with that.
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Average whodunit
Paularoc26 June 2012
A nurse goes to a mansion to care for an elderly woman who has had a breakdown after finding the body of her nephew – was it an accident? Suicide? Or murder? Who cares? Suspicious characters abound - the butler, the maid, the lawyer, the young woman who is lurking about... Although I'm a fan of 30s and 40s mysteries, this one was just not very entertaining. Lee Patrick and Regis Toomey are good actors but just not convincing as the leads. Patrick has a few snappy lines but not enough to lighten up this movie. Julie Bishop did a nice job in her role as the jealous Florence Lentz. I sure didn't recognize "Aunt Em" in Clara Blandick's portrayal. All in all a pretty pedestrian mystery movie.
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Warner Bros Remake
blanche-227 June 2012
Regis Toomey, Lee Patrick, Julie Bishop, and Clara Blandick star in "The Nurse's Secret," a 1941 remake of Warner Brothers' "While the Patient Slept" The story concerns a suicide that Inspector Patton (Tooney) thinks is murder. The members of the household all act strangely, and Patton (Toomey) sends in his girlfriend, nurse Ruth Adams (Patrick) to take care of the elderly woman in the home (Blandick) who broke down after finding her nephew's body and to see what she can find out. There are plenty of suspects, as well as things that go bump in the night.

Average film, and I frankly wasn't sure at first if it was supposed to be funny or not as it was so over the top. Patrick had a nice, energetic personality, but it felt like these people were directed to act as if they were on stage rather than before a camera. Way too big.

You'll see lots of familiar faces in this, though: Julie Bishop, George Chandler, Charles Trowbridge, Virginia Brissac - names that might not mean much to you but the faces are instantly recognizable.

It's just okay.
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Old screenplays never die. They just change the character's names.
mark.waltz6 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is the third version of the same story, first made in 1932 as "Miss Pinkerton", and remade in 1935 as "While the Patient Slept". I guess we'll just have to it's a mystery along the lines of many others made in the 1930s and 40s surrounding a house of mystery where an elderly person fears for their life, and usually ends up dead with everybody wondering who's going to be mentioned as a beneficiary in the will. The old person in this film is a face who will be very familiar to those who have seen many classics of the 1930s and 1940s, particularly "The Wizard of Oz". For me however, Clara Blandick will be remembered for a substantial number of memorable roles, minor parts in many films but on occasion such as this one, a major player.

Blandick is the spinster matriarch of a troubled family who apparently witnesses the suicide of a nephew and then is entrusted into the care of nurse Lee Patrick while mysterious occurrences around her large house continue. Three quarters of the way through the film, Blandick meets her maker, and it comes up to nurse Patrick and her boss, Regis Toomey, to find out who the real killer is, especially when Patrick is accused of replacing arsenic for the medicine in the hypodermic needle requested by the doctor. Unfortunately, Toomey and Blandick, who played the hero and his possessive mother, in the 1932 Barbara Stanwyck soap opera "Shopworn", do not appear together.

This was probably the only leading role for Warner Brothers character actress Lee Patrick who played an assortment of parts in a 1930s, 40's and 50's, ranging from wisecracking secretaries to jilted lovers to dizzy Society matrons. Reminding me of Celeste Holm in this film, Patrick does a good job and showing the fear of her character yet adds humor when she has to stand up to Blandick who tries to deceive her in several scenes. The film has enough differences with the other two versions to stand apart and that makes it much better than I had expected it to be.
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Undercover nurse
bkoganbing13 November 2018
Lee Patrick stars in the title role of The Nurse's Secret. The secret that this nurse has is that she is working undercover and incognito at a mansion where a young heir has died. The coroner has ruled it suicide.

Still the homicide cop Regis Toomey has his doubts and he places his girlfriend Patrick in the home as an attending nurse to the maiden aunt owner Clara Blandick. The idea is to pick up any loose information she gets and report to Toomey. When Blandick gets herself poisoned Patrick finds herself in a nice jackpot.

This B film from Warner Brothers probably might have had Pat O'Brien in the lead with Ann Sheridan had it been an A film. It's hand me down material all right, but served up well.

There are a lovely household full of suspects and with a running time of little over an hour it keeps a good clip in its pace. Later the same year Lee Patrick gets her career role as Sam Spade's secretary in The Maltese Falcon. She never did break through the ranks into A players.

The Nurse's Secret does show Lee Patrick's capability in a lead which sadly she never had too many chances at.
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Bland Murder-Mystery
Michael_Elliott1 July 2012
The Nurse's Secret (1941)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Boring mystery from Warner has a man found dead with a gunshot wound to his head. Everyone believes it was suicide but Inspector Patten (Regis Toomey) thinks someone murdered him. To try and turn up some clues, he has his nurse girlfriend (Lee Patrick) enter the home and take care of an elderly woman and sure enough more bodies pile up. THE NURSE'S SECRET is pretty bland from start to finish and in a genre full of bland pictures, this one here has very little going for it. I think I've watched just about everyone one of these type of movies that come on Turner Classic Movies and this here is without question one of the weakest. I think what hurts the film so bad is that it runs just 64-minutes yet it feels much longer than GREED. The entire story isn't all that interesting and it's clear that they're trying way too hard to be mysterious. I say that because there are so many red herrings and each of them are portrayed in such an over-the-top way that it's obvious to tell that none of them are going to turn out to be the killer. With that said, this is one of those films where things just happen for no apparent reason and there's really no crime to figure out because you know that in the end there's going to be a group of people gathered and one of them is going to start singing. Patrick is fairly good in her role as the nurse and I also enjoyed Toomey. Julia Bishop is good as one of the suspects and I also enjoyed Charles Waldron in his part. THE NURSE'S SECRET is only going to appeal to film buffs who must check out every "B" picture that the genre has to offer.
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