Riders of the Badlands (1941) Poster

Cliff Edwards: Bones Mallory



  • Higgins : You call yourself a dentist, will ya?

    Bones : Now wait a minute, mister! Let's talk this over!

    Higgins : By the time I get through with you, you'll not be talkin' - just lispin' you'll be - with meself as a dentist, too, and I won't pull your teeth; I'll be knockin' 'em through the back of your head!

  • Steve Langdon : Then you decided to take up denistry?

    Bones : Oh, yeah, I was lookin' at a book he left back there and I figgered denistry wasn't nothin'. Pullin' teeth just took a little muscle.

    Steve Langdon : And judgment.

    Bones : Yeah, maybe I should have read the book instead of lookin' at the pictures.

  • Steve Langdon : Say, does that stuff really cure pain?

    Bones : Well, it's kinda like my singin'... takes your mind off of other aches.

  • Lucky Barton : What are you going to do?

    Bones : I'm writing a letter from Captain Rogers to Warden James telling him to release Collins into my custody.

    Lucky Barton : You can't sign Captain Rogers' name to a thing like that. That's arson! Er, that's larceny! You get life for larceny!

    Bones : Then I'm sending a telegram to the warden, telling him that Collins has been reprieved. I'm signing the governor's name to it.

    Lucky Barton : Oh, that's double larceny!

    Bones : Yup. Double or nothing!

    Lucky Barton : Hey, that might be a good idea at that.

  • Reporter : We newspapermen get some pretty grim assignments, don't we. First time you've been invited to a hanging?

    Bones : Well, the first time, I wasn't exactly invited... I was sort of roped in.

  • Bones : Boy this riding bareback is hard on your... morale.

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