Sergeant York (1941) Poster


Walter Brennan: Pastor Rosier Pile



  • Pastor Rosier Pile : War's way to the other side of the ocean, Alvin. Lots of things can happen before you get there. You put your trust in the Lord, and He'll look out for you.

    Alvin : I done forgot the Lord! I ain't never gonna forget him again!

  • Pastor Rosier Pile : See that rock, Alvin? You've been plowin' around that rock a heap o' years.

    Alvin : Sure have!

    Pastor Rosier Pile : Did you ever think when you start plowin' yer furrows crooked, it's mighty hard to get 'em straight again?

    Alvin : I never thought on it much.

    Pastor Rosier Pile : It's that-a-way, I reckon, with other things 'sides plowin'. Satan's got ya by the shirt tail, Alvin!

  • Pastor Rosier Pile : Don't be takin' it hard Mother York, what you just heerd.

    Mother York : I ain't a-takin' nothin' hard Pastor. An' I ain't makin' excuses for Alvin, or nobody.

    Pastor Rosier Pile : 'Course you ain't. I ain't askin' you to.

    Mother York : I'm right proud of Alvin.

    Pastor Rosier Pile : You gotta right to be.

    Mother York : Works hard, Alvin does. Patchin' and a-scratchin' that poor land. It's mighty hard work gettin' corn outta rocks. Who's to blame him, if he busts loose now an' again.

    Pastor Rosier Pile : Nobody Mother York - nary a soul.

    Mother York : 'Course, I ain't fer Alvin doin' like he does. A little religion wouldn't do him no hurt.

    Pastor Rosier Pile : No. 'Twouldn't.

    Mother York : Pastor, I wouldn't be agin you talkin' to Alvin. Do you think it would do any good?

    Pastor Rosier Pile : Well - wouldn't do no harm. I'll be ridin' up an' havin' a talk with him.

    Mother York : I'm a-thankin' you Pastor.

  • Pastor Rosier Pile : Howdy Mother York?

    Mother York : Tol'able Pastor.

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