Swamp Water (1941) Poster


Walter Huston: Thursday Ragan


  • Thursday Ragan : You've been like a second mother to him Hannah - surely you know how I feel.

    Hannah : Sure I know - women don't need no telling. The trouble with you men folk is, you're ashamed to let on to each other how you feel.

  • Ben : This here's Miss Julia... Miss Gordon.

    Hannah : Sure, I seen you at Mrs. McCord's. You look a sight pretty child, I've been a' watching you with Ben.

    Julie : Thank you.

    Thursday Ragan : Ain't you Tom Keefer's young 'un?

    Julie : Yes sir.

    Ben : I brung her to this dance and I ain't going to have nobody runnin' her down.

    Thursday Ragan : I don't aim to have words with none of my kin in public. I mean no offense against this young 'un, but you're the one that seemed ashamed to say her name, not me.

  • Thursday Ragan : If you'd a minded me, and kept outen that swamp like I told you Ben, you wouldn't be in no fix like you're in... What's the matter boy?

    Ben : If you'll be giving me my clothes, I'll be takin' myself offen your hands.

    Thursday Ragan : No, you won't - you'll be quiet now. You're sick Ben.

    Ben : I ain't so sick I have to lay here and listen to you give me down the country. I knowed that was all you drug me out of that crick for.

    Thursday Ragan : I drug you out because you was my boy.

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