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This film represents an early building-block in the lengthy film career of actress Maria Felix. Even so, she was already well on her way to becoming a Latina sex-symbol, movie icon and the era's ultimate Diva, who in turn, stayed loyal to her Latin American and transplanted Mexican-American fan base. Although she clearly had the talent, beauty, and possessed the undefinable "it factor" that made millions adore her over the years, from the start she chose not to relocate to Hollywood to further capitalize on this immense popularity. Starring in the title role, in this feature Felix plays the latest love interest of Carlos, who is a wealthy but absentee plantation owner, ( played by Actor Rafael Baledon). Although Maria Eugenia is aware that her boyfriend likes the ladies, she does not know that he is already promised in marriage to the daughter of his now dying Godmother back home. As Carlos remains silent and struggles to find a way to break the bad news to " La Madrina" and his first ...

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