Rings on Her Fingers (1942) Poster


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Susan Miller: Say, are you really millionaires?

[Warren and Maybelle burst into laughter]

Warren: Why?

Susan Miller: Well, there seems to be something missing.

Mrs. Maybelle Worthington: Just the millions, and they can't rule you out for a technicality.

Warren: You see, nature played a little trick on us: we should have been born with blue blood, so we have devoted our entire life to correcting this... biological error.

Susan Miller: What do you do? If you're not, what are you?

Mrs. Maybelle Worthington: Well, we're sort of an excess profits tax. To criticize us would be unamerican.

Warren: We are merely bees that take a little nectar from the flowers that have so much. And you too can have some.

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