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Frank Morgan: The Doctor


  • Wilbur Ashley : I'm just calm now and peaceful like.

    The Doctor : Like morphine beginning to take effect.

    The Reverend Dr. Roberts : Or the peace of the heart, after prayer.

  • The Doctor : [applies alcohol to the native's foot]  Kind of stings, hey? You can imagine what it does to the lining of your stomach!

    [takes another drink] 

  • The Doctor : Do you happen to know, Mr. Langford, if they brought out my medical supplies?

    Mr. Langford : I really couldn't say.

    The Doctor : Ohh... seems a shame to waste good whiskey on sterilizing.

  • Mr. Langford : [after the going away party for Wilbur Ashley]  Say, do you fellas drink this much every night?

    The Doctor : Unfortunately, no.

    The Reverend Dr. Roberts : Far too much alcohol is consumed by the men of this coast. Even you, doctor, must admit that.

    The Doctor : Well, it's more healthful to be sober, although perhaps not *quite* so pleasant.

  • The Doctor : My boy, you don't understand. That's what I'm trying to make you fight! It's a quirk that's become an obsession. It's taking away your reason! It's... affecting your mind!

    Mr. Langford : Thanks. I like to be told to my face that I'm a driveling idiot.

  • Mr. Langford : [Witzel has just sentenced a native man to one year in prison for stealing a rifle]  You mean they're going to imprison him a whole year, for practically nothing?

    The Reverend Dr. Roberts : The Resident has the power of life or death.

    Mr. Langford : But... but, just for taking a rifle?

    The Doctor : Yes, but didn't you understand? He shot it off... and, at Witzel!

  • The Doctor : I've been with you for nearly three years. I think I'm just beginning to know you.

    Mr. Harry Witzel : We're getting quite sentimental, aren't we?

    The Doctor : No, we're getting quite human.

  • The Doctor : Another touch of fever?

    Mr. Harry Witzel : With the white man, it's always fever. With the natives, its always belly sickness.

  • The Doctor : I've told you, Witzel, a few months in a temperate climate...

    Mr. Harry Witzel : Oh, drop that bedside manner. You aren't talking to Ashley, you're talking to me.

    The Doctor : Well, at least I'm glad he's going home.

    Mr. Harry Witzel : Yeah, of course, you're glad. It doesn't mean a blasted thing to you that I've got to break in a new jellyfish that they're sending out from the home office. And I know just the type he'll be. Come out here with a whole supply of stiff linen collars and ask me a million asinine questions an hour. "I say, how's the hunting?" "Are the natives friendly?" Then he'll get homesick and go back home and write a book about when you're driving in your motor do you ever stop to ponder where we get the rubber for your tires. I can't stomach any more of them.

  • The Doctor : If were a younger man, Witzel, I would resent your innuendos.

    Mr. Harry Witzel : You wouldn't resent anything with a drink hanging on the end of it.

  • Skipper of the Congo Queen : Who do you think we see last trip back in Sierra Leone?

    Ted - First Mate of the Congo Queen : You know, that short, little Cleopatra.

    Wilbur Ashley : Tondelayo.

    The Doctor : Tondelayo.

    Mr. Harry Witzel : Tondelayo.

    Mr. Langford : Well, ha-ha-ha, who is this Tondelayo?

    Ted - First Mate of the Congo Queen : Oh, quite an eyeful if you should ask me.

    Skipper of the Congo Queen : Up to her tricks again at the convent. You should see the traders, what got religion just to get around there to take a squint at that half-bred.

    The Reverend Dr. Roberts : Its the hardest fight we have. As soon as we teach a few women to cook and sew and speak a few dozen words of our language, some white tries to turn her into his own advantage.

    Skipper of the Congo Queen : Why shouldn't he?

    The Reverend Dr. Roberts : Because the end is always in the beginning. Its always the whites that become the more degraded.

  • The Doctor : Is it true what Witzel said, about Tondelayo being back?

    Mr. Langford : How should I know.

    The Doctor : Of course, you do know just who and what she is?

    Mr. Langford : Yes, yes, yes.

    The Doctor : She knows how to purr her way into your mind and scratch her way out. Always taking and never giving.

    Mr. Langford : She's the nearest thing to a civilized woman I've seen in five impossible months.

  • The Doctor : Oh, please. Listen, my boy, go home. I'm begging you as I would my own son, if I had one. Go home.

    Mr. Langford : And hear Witzel say I told you, you'd quit.

    The Doctor : There goes the obsession again. Witzel! Witzel! Witzel!

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