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(I) (1943)

Rex Ingram: Sgt. Major Tambul


  • Waco Hoyt : [down in the well at El Alamein where Sgt. Major Tambul is collecting water, sharing a cigarette while discussing their cultural differences]  But I guess you fellas feel differently about marryin'... the boys up top are tellin' me you Mohammedans have as many as 300 wives!

    Sgt. Major Tambul : [smiles]  No... the Prophet tells us that four wives are sufficient for a *true* believer.

    Waco Hoyt : Why four?

    Sgt. Major Tambul : Hmm...? The Prophet says: "One wife, makes a miserable life, for she always gets bored. And two wives make a mess of your life also, for they always quarrel and you never know which one is right. And three wives are bad too, for two always take sides against the third. But four wives...


    Sgt. Major Tambul : ... makes real happiness."

    Waco Hoyt : How?

    Sgt. Major Tambul : Hmm...? Two and two, are company for each other. And the man...


    Sgt. Major Tambul : ... he has his rest.

    Waco Hoyt : Eh... that sounds alright. You got four, huh?

    Sgt. Major Tambul : No, I have only one.

    Waco Hoyt : What's holdin' you back?

    Sgt. Major Tambul : Well, if you had this law in your Texas, would you have four wives?

    Waco Hoyt : [amusingly alarmed]  No... my wife wouldn't like that.

    Sgt. Major Tambul : [chuckles, smiles while speaking]  It is the same with me... my wife, *she* would not like it.

    Waco Hoyt : [smiles]  Ya sure learn things in the Army.

    Sgt. Major Tambul : [nods]  Yes, we both have much to learn from each other.

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