Sahara (1943) Poster

(I) (1943)

J. Carrol Naish: Giuseppe


  • Giuseppe : Mussolini is not so clever like Hitler, he can dress his Italians up only to look like thieves, cheats, murderers, he cannot like Hitler, make them feel like that. He cannot, like Hitler, scrape from the conscience the knowledge that right is right and wrong is wrong, or dig holes in their heads to plant his own ten commandments: steal from thy neighbor, cheat thy neighbor, kill thy neighbor.

    Capt. von Schletow : You dare to insult the Führer?

    Giuseppe : That would take an artiste - I am but a mechanic.

  • Giuseppe : But are my eyes blind that I must fall to my knees to worship a maniac who has made of my country a concentration camp, who has made of my people slaves? Must I kiss the hand that beats me, lick the boot that kicks me, no! I rather spend my whole life living in this dirty hole than escape to fight again for things I do not believe against people I do not hate. As for your Hitler, it's because of a man like him that God - my God - created hell!

  • Giuseppe : My wife, my wife and bambino, that's my baby.

    Capt. Jason Halliday : It's a nice picture. You must be very proud of them. I'll see what I can do.

    [Walks over to tank] 

    Capt. Jason Halliday : Sgt. I'd wish you'd change your mind. This man is a prisoner of war and, as such, he is entitled to certain rights. We've got to take him with us. We can't leave him here to die. If we ask the men I'm sure they'd agree.

    Sgt. Joe Gunn : Mm-hum. They'd agree now. What about when they're starving to death and dyin' of thirst? It's why you put me in command. To look ahead.

    Capt. Jason Halliday : But, this is a matter of a man's life.

    Sgt. Joe Gunn : You're wrong Doctor. It's the matter of the lives of ten men. We've got a long ways to go and we need every crumb of food and every drop of water. I'm taking the Sudanese along because he's a pretty soldier and he's entitled a share with the rest of us. I'm NOT taking on a load of spaghetti. He's walked this far and he can walk back. That's the end of it.

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