San Fernando Valley (1944) Poster

Edward Gargan: Keno



  • Dale Kenyon : Oh, my goodness! poor man! He stepped right in front of me! Well don't just stand there, get some water! Get a doctor, quick!

    Keno : Reckon we better find out who he is first. He may not be worth savin'.

    [Takes Roy's money out of his pocket] 

    Keno : I'll take care of this till he comes to."

    Roy Rogers : No you don't! Shame on you picking an unconscious man's pocket.

    Dale Kenyon : The idea, pretending you were hurt.

    Roy Rogers : I thought it was a good idea.

    Dale Kenyon : Well, I hope you got bumped hard enough to look where you're going.

    Roy Rogers : Oh, but I'm afraid I've been bumped harder than you realize. May I, ah, have your name and address?

    Dale Kenyon : You may not!

    Roy Rogers : But I have an internal injury I'd like to come around and talk to you about.

    Dale Kenyon : You have a colossal nerve!

    Roy Rogers : Takes nerve in a competitive world. I'll bet I have a lot of competition. Unless you're married.

    Dale Kenyon : No... Yes, I am. I'm married and I have five children.

    Roy Rogers : But I heard you the first time.

    Dale Kenyon : Well I'm not interested in what you heard, nor in standing here talking to you, and furthermore...

    Marshal : Your under arrest!

    Dale Kenyon : ...your under arrest! What for?

    Marshal : For arguing in the street, that's against celebration rules.

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