Beauty and the Beast (1946) Poster

Jean Marais: La Bête (The Beast), The Prince, Avenant



  • La Bête : So, my dear sir, you steal my roses. You steal my roses, the things I love most in all the world. Your luck has gone from bad to worse. You could have taken anything except my roses. The punishment for this simple theft is death!

    Belle's Father : Sir, I didn't know. I meant no harm. My daughter asked me to bring her a rose.

    La Bête : Don't address me as "sir." I'm called the Beast! I don't like compliments. Don't try to understand. You have fifteen minutes to prepare to die!

    Belle's Father : Sir...

    La Bête : Again! The Beast orders you to be silent. You stole a rose, so you must die. Unless one of your daughters... how many do you have?

    Belle's Father : Three.

    La Bête : Unless one of your daughters agrees to pay your debt and take your place.

    Belle's Father : But...

    La Bête : Don't argue! Be off! Make the most of the chance I have offered you. And should your daughters refuse to die in your place, swear to return in three days. Swear it!

    Belle's Father : I swear. But how will I find my way home? I got lost in the forest.

    La Bête : You'll find a white horse in my stables. His name is Magnificent. Whisper in his ear, "go where I am going, Magnificent. Go, go, go!" He'll take you home and bring you back to my castle, should your daughters prove too cowardly to ride him in your place. Go now!

  • La Bête : Belle, you mustn't look into my eyes. You needn't fear. You will never see me, except each evening at 7:00, when you will dine, and I will come to the great hall. And never look into my eyes.

  • Ludovic : Get your hands off her! You want a black eye?

    Belle : It's all right, Ludovic. He was asking me to marry him.

    Ludovic : What did you say?

    Avenant : Your sister doesn't want me!

    Ludovic : Bravo, Belle. I'm a scoundrel, and proud of it, but I won't stand to see you marry one.

    Ludovic : [to Avenant]  Consider yourself warned. Now clear out, you hoodlum!

    [Avenant punches Ludovic in the face] 

  • Avenant : Belle, you weren't made to be a servant. Even the floor longs to be your mirror! You mustn't go on slaving day and night for your sisters.

    Belle : If our father's ships hadn't been lost in the storm, then perhaps I could enjoy myself like them. But we're ruined, Avenant, and I must work.

    Avenant : Why don't your sisters work?

    Belle : My sisters are too beautiful. Their hands are too white.

    Avenant : Belle, you are the most beautiful of all! Look at your hands.

    Belle : Avenant, let go of my hand. Please go. I must finish my work.

    Avenant : I love you. Marry me.

    Belle : No, Avenant, you mustn't speak of that again. It's no use.

    Avenant : You don't like me.

    Belle : It's not that, Avenant.

    Avenant : Well, then?

    Belle : I must remain a maid and stay with father.

    Avenant : I'll carry you away from this stupid life!

    Belle : Let me go!

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