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  • A reworking of the movie Three Blind Mice (1938) based on the play of the same name, which in turn led to another remake Moon Over Miami (1941). This remake is set during the turn of the century. Three sisters from Red Bank set out for Atlantic City disguised as an heiress, her secretary,and a maid, in the hope that one of them will land a rich husband.

  • Three farming sisters from Red Bank use their small inheritance to travel to Atlantic City, to find rich husbands. One sister poses as a rich socialite while the other two pretend to be her secretary and maid. Men, money and love soon turn up but not necessarily in the right order or for the right sister. Its musical score featured songs with music by Josef Myrow and lyrics by Mack Gordon and is notable today for the first appearance of the classic You Make Me Feel So Young popularized by Frank Sinatra.


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  • Farm boys sing about 1902, and three women. Scene changes to three sisters running a farm (odd in 1902; and they couldn't even vote yet). Their aunt passes away (they are orphans?). They are waiting for a large sixteen-grand inheritance. The lawyer shows up and announces they only have three grand coming to share among them, after outstanding bills are paid. Sisters are ticked off but determined to go to the big mecca of Atlantic City and snag wealthy husbands (How to Marry a Millionaire?).

    The long awaited fortune has almost evaporated, of course. One sister can only afford the fancy clothes to chase the loaded, targeted unsuspecting Lothario, so the other two masquerade as her maid and secretary. Two men escort the fancy-dressed one (shades of Mae West?). Eventually one of the guys falls for the secretary sister, and the bartender/wine steward falls for the maid sister. They all three get their man.

    There is some singing and dancing. There is a cute little dog.

    Annie, Columbus, Ohio

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