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Marie Wilson Was Great
whpratt130 June 2007
This is definitely a way out comedy about a man, Milo Terkel,(Walter Abel) who is hen-pecked by his wife, daughter and live-in brother-in-law who is a free loader. The story starts off with Emily Terkel,(Margot Grahame) and her husband Milo Terkel in a court room and the judge wants to know what caused this couple to want a divorce. The story has a flash back to what brought all these troubles to their marriage. Milo inherits a dog named Fabulous Joe, who is able to talk and only to Milo and this Joe dog starts telling Milo to stop letting his family walk all over him and to put his foot down and gain back the respect from all the members of his family, namely his wife, daughter and live in brother-in-law. Gorgeous Graham, (Marie Wilson) is a very sexy blonde who gets involved with Milo which adds to his problems and the story goes around and around with Milo trying to hid this hot gal in his bedroom without being seen. Very low budget film and not worth viewing.
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Silly comedy trifle about a talking dog...
Doylenf28 June 2007
I always enjoyed WALTER ABEL, one of the most likable character actors of the '40s, but THE FABULOUS JOE gives him star billing in a minor feature that attempts to be a witty screwball comedy.

It fails. The jokes are thin, the premise is ridiculous and actor Abel seems to know his material is far beneath him. Only SHELDON LEONARD as a tough guy enamored of Marie Wilson, lends any true comic flair to the proceedings. Miss Wilson reads her lines like a girl in her first high school play with a flat effect, showcasing her shapely figure but little else.

The story involves a henpecked man who gains courage from a drink called a "Mystery Gardenia" and thereafter has conversations with his dog, who gets him into all kinds of trouble--slapstick stuff involving Wilson and his wife's fits of jealousy.

DONALD MEEK and DONALD MacBRIDE have standard supporting roles and two uncredited bit roles are filled by TOMMY NOONAN (as an elevator boy) and ELLEN CORBY. But the camera is on ABEL all the time.

Summing up: A foolish comedy that strains for laughs, suitable only as the second half of a double feature in the '40s.
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