The Unsuspected (1947) Poster

Audrey Totter: Althea Keane



  • Steven Howard : Quite a large party, isn't it?

    Althea Keane : Would you like to meet anyone?

    Steven Howard : No.

    Althea Keane : It's not very appetizing. It's Victor's birthday. Once a year his friends crawl out of the woodwork.


    Althea Keane : This year it's a SURPRISE party!

    [Lights cigarette] 

    Althea Keane : Will he be surprised to see you?

    Steven Howard : [He takes her hand with the lit match]  I like matches. You never have to refill them...

    [He pulls her hand toward him to light his own cigartte] 

    Steven Howard : ... and when you're through with them, you simply throw them away...

    [He blows out the match] 

    Steven Howard : ... like people.

  • Althea Keane : [sarcastically to Mathilda]  You look as though you'd been fished out of several oceans!

  • Steven Howard : You don't look like you could deny yourself anything

    Althea Keane : I generally get what I want

  • Althea Keane : Victor's the only man who can turn my blood to ice water.

  • Althea Keane : [Remarking about Mathilda]  If that's a Brazilian gown, I'll leave for Argentina in the morning.

  • Althea Keane : [noticing Steve's interest in the portrait of Mathilda]  You seem interested.

    Steven Howard : Fascinated. You know, it's very much like Montreux in his middle period. Who painted it?

    Althea Keane : My husband... in his sober period... before he married me.

  • Althea Keane : [sarcastically to Mathilda]  May I suggest you take a very hot bath!

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