They Live by Night (1948) Poster

Farley Granger: Bowie



  • Bowie : You having trouble?

    Keechie : Could be.

    Bowie : Who are you? You live around here?

    Keechie : Could be.

    Bowie : You haven't had a couple of visitors lately, have you?

    Keechie : That wouldn't be a sore foot making you limp, would it?

    Bowie : Could be.

  • Bowie : She got a real house.

    Chickamaw : Why not? We're real people.

  • Bowie : You said you weren't here when the pipes bust. Where were you?

    [Keechie gives no response] 

    Bowie : I asked you where you were!

    Keechie : Seein' a doctor.

    Bowie : About what?

    Keechie : The baby we're gonna have.

    Bowie : [angry]  Well, that's just fine. That's all I need!

    Keechie : You don't see me knittin' anything, do you?

  • Bowie : Well, don't you have a place a little away from the others?

    Lambert : [looking at the couple and smiling]  Uh-huh, just married, ain't ya?

    Bowie : Yeah.

    Lambert : Learn that, Alvin. Just-married people like to be alone.

    Alvin : I should think so.

  • Bowie : [waking up mother on bus]  Ma'am, you're baby's crying.

    Mother on Bus : Well, I've been on this bus three days. When we get to the next stop, I'll fix her bottle.

    [ignoring the baby and going back to sleep] 

    Mother on Bus : Till then, I just don't care.

  • Bowie : Fifteen hundred bucks for a secondhand car?

    T-Dub : That's right.

    Bowie : Whoever sells them for that, that's worse than robbin' a bank!

    T-Dub : They're thieves, just like us.

  • Bowie : I'll take it easy. I got a lawyer in Tulsa to see.

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