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Season 5

13 Sep. 1956
The Wooden Rifle
A young boy sees a man shot and killed. Things become complicated when it appears a man is being framed for the murder.
20 Sep. 1956
The Sheriff of Smoke Tree
A young man with no experience takes on the position as the new law man in a town. After a rocky start a chance encounter with the Lone Ranger and some encouraging words see the young man become surprisingly good at the job
27 Sep. 1956
The Counterfeit Mask
A bandit has been impersonating the Lone Ranger, tarnishing his reputation as he robs and kills innocent people. The Lone Ranger is surprised when he is arrested by an old friend, the local sheriff.
4 Oct. 1956
No Handicap
The Douglas gang commit a series of violent crimes and a soon to retire sheriff is blinded during one of the robberies. The Lone Ranger attempts to try and make things right.
11 Oct. 1956
The Cross of Santo Domingo
The Lone Ranger meets a monk who has just been robbed of a valuable religious relic. He with Tonto set out to capture the outlaws and return the relic to the people of Santo Domingo.
18 Oct. 1956
White Hawk's Decision
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive at an Indian village which is in conflict after the arrival of a college educated Indian amongst them. The Lone Ranger must try to bring peace to the group and allow them to move forward in developing the country around them.
25 Oct. 1956
The Return of Don Pedro O'Sullivan
When Don Pedro O'Sullivan tries to return to Mexico to battle an army colonel who is ruling his district according to his own whims, the petty dictator sends his henchmen to intercept and eliminate the aging gentleman. After thwarting one attempt on Don Pedro's life, the Lone Ranger and Tonto disguise themselves as the Don and his valet in order to lure the owlhoots into pursuing them instead. The two heroes succeed all to well, as the assassins capture them and the Don's daughter, and plan to have them all shot by a firing squad.
1 Nov. 1956
The Lone Ranger and Tonto find an injured man who is building a school house on his own. They learn from him that the school is the project of an Indian girl who wanted to have a school for Indians. She was given $10,000 to help build the school but two men, one of whom is an Indian who worked for her, killed her and took the gold. It seems like they encountered the men previously. The Indian is still out there but the other one had been caught and is going to be hanged that day. Tonto goes to the town to get a wagon for the injured man. But the lawyer of the man ...
8 Nov. 1956
Quarter Horse War
The Lone Ranger attends a quarter horse race and has to find a way to stop a group of Indians going on the war path after their winnings from the race are stolen.
15 Nov. 1956
The Letter Bride
A Chinese laundryman who is a friend of the Ranger's, is expecting his bride from China who is arriving. But she's taken by some men in masks. Later the Ranger and Tonto arrive and learn that she was abducted by bigots who wants their friend to leave town. So they set a trap for them so they can find out who they are and hopefully where they are holding her.
22 Nov. 1956
Hot Spell in Panamint
The Lone Ranger becomes involved in trying to help a sheriff who is facing down a whole gang of outlaws after one of their number is arrested.
29 Nov. 1956
The Twisted Track
The Lone Ranger has to try and stop two ex Southern soldiers attempting to kill an important railroad owner who was a former Northern commander during the war.
6 Dec. 1956
Decision: Chris McKeever
The Lone Ranger and Tonto capture three criminals. The problem is it is a 5 day ride to the nearest town. Somehow the pair must stay on track to the town while making sure the criminals don't try to kill them.
13 Dec. 1956
Trouble at Tylerville
The Lone Ranger and Tonto visit Tylerville to check how a recently released bank robber is getting on adjusting to life in a small town.
20 Dec. 1956
Christmas Story
The Lone Ranger meets a young boy who's Christmas wish is to be re-united with his father. The Lone Ranger and Tonto go on a quest to find the boy's father and grant the boy his wish.
27 Dec. 1956
Ghost Canyon
The Lone Ranger becomes involved after a number of Indians are killed while watching their cattle herd.
3 Jan. 1957
Outlaw Masquerade
After the Cameron gang is captured and jailed, the question of all the gold they stole remains unanswered. Tonto agrees to pose as a convict to try an infiltrate the gang and get clues to where the gold is.
10 Jan. 1957
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive in Cottonwood in time to see a law reformer gunned down by an outlaw. The mood in the town is such that the Lone Ranger has to also protect the outlaw from outraged citizens, and the sheriff---the reformer's fanatical son.
17 Jan. 1957
The Courage of Tonto
The Lone Ranger becomes involved in conflict between settlers and a local Indian tribe. The settlers seem intent on provoking the Indians into going to war.
24 Jan. 1957
Breaking Point
The Lone Ranger encounters a riderless horse with saddlebags loaded with gold. He begins the process of backtracking events to try and discover who the person was and what has happened to him.
31 Jan. 1957
A Harp for Hannah
The Lone Ranger attempts to gain justice for a man robbed by the son of a powerful ranching family
7 Feb. 1957
Message from Abe
The Ranger and Tonto visit apparently reformed ex-con Phil Beach on Lincoln's Birthday.
14 Feb. 1957
Code of Honor
The Lone Ranger and Tonto encounter a man who seems to have just been robbed by an officer in the US cavalry. The Ranger is struggling with how such a good man become an outlaw.
21 Feb. 1957
The Turning Point
A group of vigilantes corner and kill a seemingly innocent cowboy in Blue Creek. One of the townspeople contacts the Lone Ranger and asks him to try and deal with the growing power of these men.
28 Feb. 1957
Dead Eye
Jake Beaudry's reputation as an outlaw attract's the attention of a famous sheriff. The sheriff is not as good as he once was and reluctantly accepts the help of the Lone Ranger.
7 Mar. 1957
Clover in the Dust
A young man is found dead. His father blames another local rancher and goes on the trail of revenge. The Lone Ranger doubts the guilt of the rancher and goes on a quest to find the truth.
14 Mar. 1957
Slim's Boy
The Lone Ranger is on the way to visit an old friend, Sam Masters, a renowned fast gunman and marshal. On the way he encounters an old outlaw also looking for Sam.
21 Mar. 1957
Two Against Two
Vic Foley escapes from jail and the Lone Ranger gives chase. Although it would be an easy arrest the Lone Ranger hangs back hoping Foley will lead him to unrecovered gold.
28 Mar. 1957
Ghost Town Fury
The Clantons break out of jail and go on a crime spree. The Lone Range vows to track them down, but first he must learn more about where the gang might be hiding out - "The Badlands".
4 Apr. 1957
The Prince of Buffalo Gap
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are on the trail of Matt Cagle. He seems to have headed for a tiny town "Buffalo Gap" The Lone Ranger is puzzled why the man has chosen such a course of action.
11 Apr. 1957
The Law and Miss Aggie
The Lone Ranger becomes involved when a group of Indians are on the way to a special government meeting are attacked by a local land owner.
18 Apr. 1957
The Tarnished Star
The sheriff of Peaceful valley carries a dark secret that puts his ability to maintain the law in jeopardy.
25 Apr. 1957
Canadian settlers are being blamed by local ranchers for cattle rustling and horse stealing. The Lone Ranger must seek the truth and try and restore order to a once peaceful area.
2 May 1957
Mission for Tonto
The Lone Ranger and Tonto find a boy who has been shot floating in a river. After they find out the boy's story the Ranger decides to try and bring the shooter to justice.
9 May 1957
Journey to San Carlos
The Lone Ranger and Tonto capture two renegade Indians responsible for a recent attack. Tonto points out the strange marking on their face. The Lone Ranger decides to investigate why peaceful Indians have suddenly taken to war and what the new marking on their faces mean.
16 May 1957
The Banker's Son
Tonto witnesses a murder and reports it to the local sheriff. He then tells the Lone Ranger that he thinks the sheriff is not capable of handling the investigation properly.
23 May 1957
The Angel and the Outlaw
Tonto witnesses the Calico Kid's gang rob a bank. The Lone Ranger sees it as an opportunity to catch an outlaw that has been on the run for years.
30 May 1957
Blind Witness
The Grody Brothers rob the express office in Flat Rock and are in cahoots with an unlikely ally.
6 Jun. 1957
Outlaws in Greasepaint
Actors Lavinia and Dewitt Faversham are behind many robberies throughout the West, but when they arrive in Cedar Springs they might have met their match.

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