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Van Johnson: Holley



  • [last lines] 

    Holley : [as they begin marching from the battlefield, passing their replacements as they enter]  Hey, Kinnie - what ever happened to Jody?

    Sgt. Kinnie : All right, come on! Come on! What do you want these guys to think, you're a bunch of WACs? Alright, alright pick it up now. Hut, two, three. Hut, two, three, four. Hut, two, three, four. You had a good home but you left...

    I Company : You're right!

    Sgt. Kinnie : Jody was there when you left...

    I Company : You're right!

    Sgt. Kinnie : Your Baby was there when you left...

    I Company : You're right!

    Sgt. Kinnie : Sound off!

    I Company : One, two

    Sgt. Kinnie : Sound off!

    I Company : Three, four.

    Sgt. Kinnie : Cadence Count

    I Company : One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four!

    Sgt. Kinnie : Your baby was lonely - as lonely as could be...

    I Company : Until Jody provided company!

    Sgt. Kinnie : Ain't it great to have a pal...

    I Company : Who works so hard to keep up morale!

    Sgt. Kinnie : You ain't got nothing to worry about...

    I Company : He'll keep her happy till I get out!

    Sgt. Kinnie : You won't get out until the end of the war...

    I Company : In nineteen hundred and seventy-four!

    Sgt. Kinnie : Sound off!

    I Company : One, two.

    Sgt. Kinnie : Sound off!

    I Company : Three, four...

  • Major : Thank you Sergeant.

    Holley : That's P.F.C. to you, major, as in praying for civilian

  • [as Bettis is digging a foxhole] 

    Holley : Let's not try to reach China this time, hey Bettis?

    Bettis : Well there's no sense digging if you don't go deep.

    Holley : The last one we dug one together, you went so deep that when I climbed out in the morning I got the bends.

  • Holley : That the new platoon leader?

    Pvt. Johnny Rodriguez : Yeah, fresh off the boat.

    Pvt. Ernest J. "Pop" Stazak : I understand your problems, men. I was once an enlisted man, myself.

    Holley : For six months, maybe. Then seventeen weeks at OCS and he's an officer and gentleman by special act of Congress.

  • Holley : What's going on?

    Sgt. Kinnie : Me and General McAulliffe decided to move I Company up on the line. That is if you agree.

  • Pvt. Jim Layton : The dreams are getting better all the time. I was back home in Baltimore loading up on hard-shelled crabs and beer.

    Holley : That dream's against regulations, soldier. You know what our boys overseas always dream about.

    Pvt. Jim Layton : Mom's blueberry pie?

    Holley : Why, certainly. That's what we're fighting for. Boy, when I get home, just give me a hot dog and a slice of that pie. Am I gonna kick when I don't get my job back? No siree.

  • [while being bombarded by German artillery during a driving blizzard] 

    Holley : We've had good deals before, but this is the best one yet. This is great. I don't ever wanna go back. I found a home in the army.

  • Sgt. Walowicz : I want three volunteers to go out on a patrol, you, you, and you. You're in charge, Holley.

    Holley : Why am I always volunteering for patrols? I'm just a cowboy.

  • [Staniferd is too sick to stay in combat] 

    Pvt. Staniferd : Hey Kinnie, how about showing me the way to the aid station? I'm freezing.

    Sgt. Walowicz : Feeling any better?

    Pvt. Staniferd : Worse, much worse. I've never felt so sick in my life. Maybe, maybe I've even got pneumonia. (He walks away laughing)

    Sgt. Walowicz : He's really bad.

    Pvt. Bettis : Yeah, he's a cinch to go back to the field hospital, maybe even to Paris.

    Holley : I don't know. With that penicillin, he's liable to be back in a day.

    Pvt. Bettis : Yeah, a good, clean flesh wound is better. Then they gotta send you back.

  • Holley : Yeah, they really shoulda sent out a bigger patrol.

    PFC. Johnny Rodriguez : Do you want to goof off?

    Holley : Who said anything about goofing off?

    PFC. Johnny Rodriguez : Nobody. I'm just saying, the best way is to tell them you heard voices talking in German.

    PFC. Donald Jarvess : Let's say we heard voices talking in Japanese and let G-2 figure that out.

  • [Rodriguez is wounded and left under an American artillery barrage] 

    Pvt. Donald Jarvess : That's great. Artillery, can't miss. They've got Rodriguez to use as an aiming stake.

    Sgt. Kinnie : Tell Walowicz to send out for Rodriguez as soon as the barrage lifts.

    Holley : With what, a sponge?

  • Pvt. Donald Jarvess : Careful study of the most scientific instruments and maps leads me to believe that German bombers are over Bastonge, fog or no fog.

    Holley : [sarcastically]  Kinda rough on rear echelon tonight.

    'Kipp' Kippton : [sarcastically]  Yeah, I've been thinking, the mess sergeant, the supply sergeant, the pill roller who gives us those shots with the square needle. I'm bleedin' for them.

    [clicks his teeth] 

  • Pvt. Jim Layton : [reading from newspaper]  "Strategic Withdrawal In Bulge."

    [to others] 

    Pvt. Jim Layton : What's a bulge?

    Holley : Search me.

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