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Fool's gold on the prairie ........
ca-corbett27 April 2008
In this 1948 cowboy classic, Lawman Johnny Mack Brown works hard to help a reformed ex-convict, played by the great western sidekick Ray Hatton. A scam involving false claims of fool's gold leads to action, suspense and a fair amount of western gun play ! Brown saves the day and sets things right in this enjoyable film.

The plot, casting and writing on this oater were a notch above other programmers of this prolific era. Brown was very believable as a western hero,aided very ably here by Hatton. I especially enjoyed the clever western banter by these two western favorites.

This film was fun from beginning to end, and is a very worthy addition to any westerns fans movie collection. Enjoy !!
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There's Gold in Them Thar Hills!
bsmith555220 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Johnny Mack Brown is "The Sheriff of Medicine Bow" in this Brown/ Raymond Hatton western. Hatton plays ex-convict Banty Prentiss whom Johnny has recommended for parole after having jailed him years earler for bank robbery.

Banty returns to town and he and Johnny go to Banty's ranch where we meet his fiery young daughter Nan (Evelyn Finlay). We learn that Nan is about to lose the ranch for failure to pay the taxes for the last few years and that she holds a grudge against Johnny for having jailed her father.

Meanwhile we learn that slick banker Barry Stuart (Bill Kennedy) is eager to foreclose on the ranch because of gold found on the property. But, Banty has a bankroll that allows Nan to race to town to pay the debt. On the way she is attacked by Stuart's henchies including Buckeye (George J. Lewis), Pardo (Peter Perkins), Grogan (Carol Henry) and Duke (Bob Woodward). Nan pays the back taxes so Stuart has to find other ways to acquire the property.

Prospector Alibi (Max Terhune) and his "pal" Elmer discover gold on the Prentiss ranch in "them thar hills". The samples are taken to assayer Jim Carson (Frank LaRue) for analysis. However Carson is in with Stuart and gives Johnny and Banty a false report. Johnny, smelling a rat has his deputy takes the ore samples to another town for assay. The results prove positive which forces Stuart's hand and..................................

This entry in the long running series is one of the better ones. The inclusion of Terhune and "Elmer" in the cast as comic relief enhances the film. Evelyn Finlay is good (and not hard to look at) as the feisty daughter. I always liked George J. Lewis and he doesn't disappoint here. His fight with Brown is a highlight. I was disappointed with Bill Kennedy as the chief villain. He didn't impress me as the ruthless banker. And where, by the way, did Banty get all the dough used to pay off the back taxes?

Lots of "blazing action". An enjoyable little opus.
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