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10 Sep. 1950
Revenge with Music with Eddie Cantor
Actor/dancer Tommy Wonder, opera soprano Yma Sumac, dancer Danny Daniels, Yiddish theatre star Joseph Buloff, Lew Hearn, Robert Gari, Jack Albertson, the ballet team of Val Buttingnol and Joy Williams, and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
17 Sep. 1950
Let's Face It with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host with guests blonde bombshell Marilyn Maxwell, comic dancers Barr and Estes, J.C.McCord, Frank Gallop, Jean Carson, William McCutheon, vocal group The Honeydreamers, with Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Dean and Jerry disrupt a formal party, and do a stand-up as a man and woman reconciling after an argument. Maxwell performs "I Love the Guys" with dancers. Dean, a failing movie theater owner, forces a kid (played by Jerry) to buy a ticket. Backstage, Martin has a luxurious dressing room while Lewis has a janitor's closet. Dean sings "...
24 Sep. 1950
Episode #1.3
Fred Allen hosts. His guests include actors Monte Woolley and Peter Donald, opera star Rise Stevens, ballet stars Sono Osato, Hugh Laing and Zachary Solov, Tony award winner David Burns, Fred Allen's radio co-horts Kenny Delmar, Minerva Pious, Parker Fennelly (supplying voices in a puppet version of "Allen's ALley") with Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Stevens joins Allen for a "Middle-town U.S.A." version of "Carmen." Wooley and Allen do a department store sketch. Burns follows Allen around and pre-tests his material for him.
1 Oct. 1950
Episode #1.4
Bobby Clark hosts with songwriter Sig Romberg and actress Joan Blondell guesting. Clark plays a judge with a pea-shooter, and entertains snooty matrons at a Boston tea party. Romberg does a medley of songs he's composed.
8 Oct. 1950
Episode #1.5
Eddie Cantor makes a second appearance as the Colgate show host and performs a skit playing 'Maxie the Taxi' and later sings 'Dinah'.
15 Oct. 1950
Episode #1.6
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis serve as the Colgate show's hosts for a second time and invite the mayors of their hometowns to appear on the show.
22 Oct. 1950
Episode #1.7
For Fred Allen's second time hosting the Colgate program, his guests include part of his regular radio program cast Peter Donald, Parker Fennelly and Portland Hoffa (Allen's wife). Other guests include the dancers Anthony, Allyn and Hodges and comedians Mort and Art Havel. Parker Fennelley plays his radio character Titus Moody in a sketch. Logan sings "Sunny Side of the Street" and joins Allen in a production take-off on "Brigadoon".
29 Oct. 1950
Episode #1.8
Comedian Bobby Clark hosts "Michael Todd's Revue" sponsored by Frigidaire. Guests are singer Frances Langford, baseball announcer Mel Allen, tennis player Gussie Moran, Argentinian jugglers Atilio and Hector (The Peiro Brothers), and comedy act The Albins. Clark is judge in a courtroom sketch with Moran complaining someone had stolen her lacy underwear. Clark performs a comedy rendition of the poem "The Shooting of Dan McGrew." A stream of crazies keeps Clark from getting sleep in a hospital.
5 Nov. 1950
Episode #1.9
Eddie Cantor hosts with guests actor Robert Gari, comedian Charlie Cantor (no relation), dancers Fred and Sledge, Leslie Scott, Bil and Cora Baird's Marionettes, show's choreographer Dick Barstow, his wife Ida Cantor, and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Cantor plays cab driver "Maxie the Taxi." Eddie and Charlie are in drag as a couple of housewives at a laundromat. Scott sings "Basin Street Blues" with Fred and Sledge dancing. Cantor is joined by his wife, Ida, in a tribute to their recently deceased friend Al Jolson; Gari performs as Jolson singing "Swanee".
12 Nov. 1950
Episode #1.10
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host with guests Kitty Kallen, actress Joyce Randoph, comic dancers Leonard Barr and Virginia Estes, comic actor (and Jerry Lewis impersonator) Sammy Petrillo, ballroom dancers De May and Moore, singers The Skylarks, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Kitty Kallen sings "Please Take Me Home" and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love". In a babysitting sketch, Joyce Randolph plays the mom, Jerry the dad, and Petrillo the baby. Another skit involves a dancing school.
19 Nov. 1950
Fred Allen
Fred Allen hosts with guests humorist/author H. Allen Smith; Tony award winning actress Sheila Bond; and Broadway performer Billy Tabbert.
26 Nov. 1950
host: Bob Hope; guest stars: Jimmy Wakely, Marilyn Maxwell, The Taylor Maids, the High Hatters, Judy Kelly
Bob Hope hosts this Frigidaire-sponsored episode. Guests are singer Jimmy Wakely, actress Marilyn Maxwell, vocalists The Taylor Maids, dance duo High Hatters, dancer Judy Kelly, Les Brown and his Band of Renown, and pitchman Nelson Case. Performing to an all-military audience, Hope opens with his usual monologue. High Hatters tap dance to "Me and My Shadow". Wakely performs "Lonesome Train" and duets with Hope on "Tumbling Tumbleweeds". In comedy sketches, Hope plays a show-off test pilot. He and Maxwell, as Mata Hari, do a spy skit featuring Hitler and Stalin doubles...
3 Dec. 1950
Episode #1.13
Eddie Cantor hosts with guests singer June Keegan, pianist Joe Bushkin, actors Jack Albertson, Dick Van Patten and Connie Sawyer, teeter-board acrobats The Armandis, and dancers Les Zoris (Robert Gross and Claudine Baudin). Sawyer and Cantor stumble around as a near-sighted couple. Cantor is joined by Albertson and Van Patten in a "Maxi the Taxi" sketch. Cantor is accompanied by Bushkin on "Ballin' the Jack" and "Dust Off That Old Piano". The finale, based on "Babes in Toyland," features Keegan singing a holiday tune.
10 Dec. 1950
Episode #1.14
Comics/dancers Paul and Grace Hartman host an abbreviated version of their recent Broadway revue. In highlights, Patricia Bright complains that TV has stolen her husband, and Dorothy Jarmac interprets an abstract painting via dance.
17 Dec. 1950
Episode #1.15
Fred Allen's guests are comic Doc Rockwell, acrobats the Christianis, opera singer Eileen Farrell, and, from Allen's radio show, Minerva Pious, Kenny Delmar, Peter Donald, and Parker Fennelly. With Al Goodman and his orchestra. Eileen Farrell performs a song from "Madame Butterfly". Sketches include Allen as Santa refusing to make his yearly rounds because of the state of the world. There's a murder trial involving hillbillies in rural Maine. Also, a sketch shows a nine-year-old who's gotten all his knowledge from television.
24 Dec. 1950
Host: Bob Hope; guest stars: Robert Cummings, Lily Pons, Eleanor Roosevelt
Guests include opera star Lily Pons; Elanor Roosevelt; Bob Cummings; harpist Robert Maxwell; New York Mayor Vincent Impellitteri; the Boys' Choir from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine; and Charles Sandford and his Orchestra.
31 Dec. 1950
Eddie Cantor
Danny Thomas, Ed Wynn and Sigmund Romberg.
7 Jan. 1951
Episode #1.18
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello host with guests singer Evelyn Knight, dancer Hal Le Roy, specialty act Paul Remos and his Toy Boys, the Jimmy Ford Four, Art and Mort Havel, Patricia Shea, Valerie de Cadenet, and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. The boys do their "Hot dog and Mustard" monologue. As a sailor, Hal Le Roy dances and flirts while on liberty. At a carnival midway, Abbott fleeces Costello in their "Shell Game" routine. The Jimmy Ford Four lip sync comedy to "Cocktails for Two." Lou checks into Dr. Abbott's sanitarium for needed rest; instead he's harassed non-stop...
14 Jan. 1951
Episode #1.19
Jerry Lester hosts with the regular cast of his series "Broadway Open House": David Street, Dagmar, Milton DeLugg, The Mello-Larks, and Wayne Howell. Guests are Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Fred Allen, and actors Pat O'Brien and Joan Bennett. Allen and Lester participate in one of Dagmar's plays. Lester does a take-off on radio giveaway shows.
21 Jan. 1951
Bobby Clark
Julie Wilson; Willie, West and McGinty; The Maxwells; Miriam Wakefield; Bobby Lane and Claire; Jack Mann; Dick Dana; and Tom Jones and his Orchestra.
28 Jan. 1951
Eddie Cantor
Lee Fairfax, Basil O'Connor, Dave Powell, Joe Marks, and Estelle Sloan.
4 Feb. 1951
Hosts: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis; guest: Polly Bergen
Polly Bergen, Mary Ann Niles, Bob Fosse, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
11 Feb. 1951
The Spike Jones Show
The City Slickers, George Rock, Sir Frederick Gas, Freddy and Dick Morgan, Bill King, The Wayne Marlin Trio, Lois Ray, Gale Robbins, and Laverne Pearson Note: There was also a cameo appearance by the Today Show's Dave Garroway.
18 Feb. 1951
Would-Be Gentleman
Bobby Clark hosts this episode which was based on a 1946 Broadway show called 'Would-Be Gentleman'. Clark adapted the book for the performance based on a play written by Moliere.
11 Mar. 1951
Episode #1.27
Abbott and Costello recreate some of their most famous skits including "Who's on First?" and "The Haunted Candle" and do a burlesque on the opera "Carmen."
1 Apr. 1951
Episode #1.30
Host Eddie Cantor's celebrity guests are singers Eddie Fisher and Marion Colby. Eddie's spotlight on "future stars" features opera singer Evelyn Gould, young singer/dancer Joel Grey, actor/vocalist William Warfield, comics Tony and Eddie who lip sync to records, classical violinist Miche'le Auclair, and dancers Gehrig and Weismuller.
20 May 1951
Episode #1.37
Sketches include a hospital bit with Dean as the doctor and Jerry as his intern, and fancy dinner party with Dean and Jerry making a mess of things. Includes special guests Jane Morgan, Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles.

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