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Season 5

17 Oct. 1954
Friar's Frolics
This episode celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Friar's Club.
24 Oct. 1954
Revenge with Music
Adaptation of the 1934 Broadway musical by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz involving a romantic triangle.
21 Nov. 1954
Let's Face It
Adaptation of Cole Porter's famous 1941 musical which ran on Broadway for 547 performances. Three wives grow suspicious of their husbands' supposed hunting trips and decide throw a small party and invite three young Army recruits as their dates. The recruits' girlfriends learn about the party and crash it and are soon joined by the wives' husbands who return from hunting early.
19 Dec. 1954
Episode #5.11
At Dean's diner, a hungry Jerry shows up looking for a job, but he proves incompetent and makes a mess of the spaghetti that patrons are waiting for. In the next skit, Jerry is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Martin at an orphanage, where he's twice the size of the other boys. Their guest Jack Benny is billed as "Phil Abrams" and does nearly nothing.
13 Feb. 1955
Episode #5.17
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host with guests Franklin Pangborn, The Four Step Brothers, Micki Marlow, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Dean's attempt to sing is interrupted by Jerry's "brother," a car attendant. An ill Dean can't get any bed rest with Jerry trying to kill a fly in their room. the show's sponsors get worked over by Jerry with their own products. Dean and Jerry do "We Belong Together" with special lyrics by Sammy Cahn. The boys dance with the Four Step Brothers in the close.
15 May 1955
Episode #5.27
Gordon MacRae and Rhonda Fleming co-host from March Air Force Base in Riverside, California commemorating Armed Forces Week. Guests are Abbott and Costello, dancers the Clark Brothers, singer Jana Mason, Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra, and (on film) President Eisenhower. Abbott is a sergeant to goof-ball soldier Costello, the Singing Sergeants of the Air Force perform, stunts by the Thunderbirds, and an F-100 travels from Tuscon to March Air Force base during the show.
29 May 1955
Highlights of Broadway 1955
Eddie Fisher hosts this episode which features scenes from hit shows from the current Broadway season. Highlights include excerpts from Damn Yankees, Fanny, House of Flowers and Palace.
10 Jul. 1955
Episode #5.33
Broadway Director George Abbott introduces scenes from two of his hit musicals, "Damn Yankees" and "The Pajama Game," in this tribute to songwriters Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.
24 Jul. 1955
Episode #5.34
Jack Webb takes the hour to break down, step by step, all the elements that went into production of his new film, "Pete Kelly's Blues, to be released on 1 August. Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald sing numbers from the film, a mix of 1920's standards and some created for the movie.

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