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Season 15

2 Oct. 1964
The Lucille Ball Show
Lucille Ball reveals the "true" story behind Paul Revere's famous ride.
9 Oct. 1964
Andy Williams Show
Jack's guest is laid-back singer Andy Williams, which prompts a visit from Jack's Pasadena Fan Club President (Madge Blake, Aunt Harriett on "Batman"), who can't believe Really Old Blue Eyes would book another blue-eyed guest. Jack lectures Andy to work harder to promote his career, so Andy changes from a sweater to a tux to join Jack at a premiere - which turns out to be a meat market opening. When a customer (Lee Meriwether, Catwoman in the Batman (1966) movie) gushes over Andy's crooning, he's too embarrassed to admit who he is.
16 Oct. 1964
The Income Tax Show
Since Jack Benny and U. S. Steel are the IRS' best customers, they want to help Jack take his full deductions.
23 Oct. 1964
Jack Makes a Comedy Record
Jack proposes recording a lucrative comedy album with Bob Hope, upon finding out how worthless his investments are: as chief stockholder of a harpoon company, Jack gets dubbed Schnook of the South. Fretting that he won't be able to counter Hope's hilarious ad libs, Jack orders his writers to give him all the laughs, but Old Ski Nose is too slick to fall for that.
30 Oct. 1964
Hillbilly Sketch
Jack affronts guest Connie Francis by claiming comedy is hard, but singing easy, then sics his apprentice announcer Harlow Wilson, a devoted fan of pop singer Connie, on her. The cast lampoons "The Beverly Hillbillies" in a musical sketch with Connie as Jack's wife, and Harlow in the Jethro role.
4 Dec. 1964
Wayne Newton Show
Jack, Wayne Newton and Louie Nye perform at a charity fund-raising garden party.
25 Dec. 1964
One Man Show
Jack chats with the audience and performs a duet with Gisele MacKenzie.
8 Jan. 1965
The Jack Jones Show
Jack Jones sings two songs. Jack Benny plays the role of a school principal, and Jack Jones plays the role of a schoolteacher in the show's sketch.
22 Jan. 1965
Jack Adopts Son
Jack demonstrates the difference between his cheap violin and his $30,000 Stradivarius. Also, Milton Berle plays the part of a very bad boy adopted by Jack.
29 Jan. 1965
The Kingston Trio, Guests
Jack winds up in a Tijuana jail with The Kingston Trio.
16 Apr. 1965
Smothers Brothers Show
The Smother Brothers confound every attempt by Jack to force them into his straitjacket comedy formula while performing his theme song, but even scarier to Jack is when he's pinned under an unexploded bomb in a World War II London air raid. The UXB squad turns out to be the Smothers. Tom can't remember which wire to pull, while Dick uses the opportunity of Jack being immobilized to lock in an appearance on Jack's final program.

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