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5 Jan. 1956
Episode #6.15
Boxing champion Archie Moore and actor Gordon Scott (Tarzan) are among the guests.
19 Jan. 1956
Episode #6.17
A woman and her chimp, a married couple in their thirties and all eleven of their children, and legendary western film star, Hoot Gibson, are among the guests.
26 Jan. 1956
Episode #6.18
Popular jockey, Billy Pearson, and renowned marriage advice expert, John J. Anthony, are among the guests.
2 Feb. 1956
Episode #6.19
Joe Egbert, a dog license inspector, and Esther Bradley, a failed lipstick factory worker, are among the guests.
9 Feb. 1956
Episode #6.20
Mrs. Helen Schwartz, mother of Tony Curtis; Isaac Kashdan, an International Grandmaster of chess; and Fifi, The Sheep-Headed Girl, are among the guests.
23 Feb. 1956
Episode #6.22
The president of Revell, a model car company; a professional motorcycle racer; and the ever-exuberant actress, Fifi D'Orsay, are among the guests.
8 Mar. 1956
Episode #6.24
Liberace and a horse psychiatrist are among the guests.
29 Mar. 1956
Episode #6.27
An airline stewardess and "the fastest man on Earth", are among the guests.
5 Apr. 1956
Episode #6.28
Young Miss America, Shirley Spencer, and colorful newspaper columnist, Henry McLemore, are among the guests.
19 Apr. 1956
Episode #6.30
Olympic Gold Medal winning diver Sammy Lee, a couple of high school students, and Nona Morton, the Tomato Queen of the Ozarks, are among the guests.
26 Apr. 1956
Episode #6.31
A McCall's magazine fashion promoter, a professional wrestler, a rabbi, and a married couple in their twenties with eight children, including three sets of twins in a row, are among the guests.
24 May 1956
Episode #6.35
A vagabond bell-ringer and science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, are among the guests.
14 Jun. 1956
Episode #6.38
A paleontologist and songwriter Harry Ruby are among the guests.
21 Jun. 1956
Episode #6.39
Experimental sound pioneer Henry Jacobs and Albert Eisen, longtime mayor of Torrence, California, are among the guests.
27 Sep. 1956
Episode #7.1
A 7th grader and a singing medical student are among the guests.
4 Oct. 1956
Episode #7.2
Groucho's father-in-law; B-movie actress, Fay Spain; and a polygrapher, who administers a lie detector test to Groucho, are among the guests.
11 Oct. 1956
Episode #7.3
Lord Buckley and Alice Cooper, the 82-year-old mother of screen idol Gary Cooper, are among the guests.
18 Oct. 1956
Episode #7.4
A man who likes to fight parking tickets, a woman in her sixties who rode a horse from Maine to California, and a professional upholsterer who is also an amateur impersonator, are among the guests.
1 Nov. 1956
Episode #7.6
World-famous author C.S. Forester and a man who trains Huskies as rescue dogs in Nevada are among the guests.
27 Dec. 1956
Episode #7.14
Folk singer Lingo and writer Halo Meadows are among the guests.

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