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17 Jan. 1957
Episode #7.17
A fireman and a woman, who has trained her dog to do math, are among the guests.
31 Jan. 1957
Episode #7.19
Female airplane pilot (and future astronaut), Jan Dietrich; an Italian war bride, who also survived the sinking of the SS Andrea Doria; and a talent agent, who is also a good dancer, are among the guests.
14 Feb. 1957
Episode #7.21
Then-Paramount Studios messenger boy, John Barbour, and a farmer's wife, who struggles to tell a joke, are among the guests.
14 Mar. 1957
Episode #7.25
Olympic world champion weightlifter Paul Anderson; Denny Devine, the son of beloved actor Andy Devine; and Betina Consolo, a 60-year-old Italian widow on the hunt for a new husband, are among the guests.
21 Mar. 1957
Episode #7.26
Benita Consolo, the 60-year-old Italian husband hunter, returns for the second straight week. Also, bit actor, Oreste Seragnoli, is among the guests.
28 Mar. 1957
Episode #7.27
Benita Consolo, the 60-year-old Italian husband hunter, returns for the third straight week. Also, a one-man band and Prince Monolulu are among the guests.
4 Apr. 1957
Episode #7.28
Racetrack tout Prince Monolulu returns from last week. Also, Miss Norway 1954 is among the guests.
25 Apr. 1957
Episode #7.31
An adventurous watchmaker, a pharmacist with a most-unusual name, and a housewife enamored with George Fenneman, are among the guests. Groucho's brothers, Chico and Harpo, appear in a commercial for the hair product Prom.
26 Sep. 1957
Episode #8.1
A singing vacuum cleaner salesman and two very confusing Portuguese sisters are among the guests.
3 Oct. 1957
Episode #8.2
The confusing Portuguese sisters return from last week, with their husbands. Also, a yoga enthusiast and Warner Bros. executive Jack Warner Jr. are among the guests.
10 Oct. 1957
Episode #8.3
Chief Nino Cochise, the grandson of legendary Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise, and singer Jen Jackson, who belts out Shake, Rattle & Roll, are among the guests.
24 Oct. 1957
Episode #8.5
A Los Angeles policewoman and identical twins Phil and Frank Interlandi, both popular cartoonists, are among the guests.
28 Nov. 1957
Episode #8.8
Renowned world traveler Mrs. Carveth (Zetta) Wells and her myna bird, Raffles, are among the guests.
5 Dec. 1957
Episode #8.9
Operatic baritone, John Charles Thomas; Beverly Aadland, while she was still in high school; and Roberta Rene, president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club, are among the guests.
12 Dec. 1957
Episode #8.10
John Charles Thomas and Roberta Rene return from last week to continue their debate on classical music versus rock and roll. Also, Miss Ohio 1957 is among the guests.
19 Dec. 1957
Episode #8.11
Professional wrestler Ralph 'Wild Red' Berry and a man who chops wood with his teeth are among the guests.
26 Dec. 1957
Episode #8.14
An accident-prone woman, nightclub singer Ketty Lester, and a science demonstrator are among the guests.

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