All About Eve (1950) Poster


Marilyn Monroe: Miss Casswell



  • [a butler passes by] 

    Miss Casswell : Oh, waiter!

    Addison DeWitt : That is not a waiter, my dear, that is a butler.

    Miss Casswell : Well, I can't yell "Oh butler!" can I? Maybe somebody's name is Butler.

    Addison DeWitt : You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point.

    Miss Casswell : I don't want to make trouble. All I want is a drink.

    Max Fabian : Leave it to me. I'll get you one.

    Miss Casswell : Thank you, Mr. Fabian.

    Addison DeWitt : Well done! I can see your career rise in the east like the sun.

  • Miss Casswell : Tell me this, do they have auditions for television?

    Addison DeWitt : That's, uh, all television is, my dear, nothing but auditions.

  • [on theatrical producers] 

    Miss Casswell : Why do they always look like unhappy rabbits?

  • Margo : I distinctly remember, Addison, crossing you off of my guest list. What are you doing here?

    Addison DeWitt : Dear Margo, you were an unforgettable Peter Pan. You must play it again, soon. You remember Miss Casswell.

    Margo : I do not. How do you do?

    Miss Casswell : We've never met. Maybe that's why?

    Addison DeWitt : Miss Casswell is an actress, a graduate of the Copacabana school of the dramatic arts.

    [Eve enters] 

    Addison DeWitt : Ah, Eve.

    Eve : Good evening, Mr. DeWitt.

    Margo : I'd no idea you two knew each other.

    Addison DeWitt : This must be at long last our formal introduction. Until now, we've only met in passing.

    Miss Casswell : That's how you met me... in passing.

    Margo : Eve, this is an old friend of Mr. DeWitt's mother. Miss Casswell, Miss Harrington.

    Eve : Miss Casswell.

    Miss Casswell : How do you do?

    Margo : Addison, I've been waiting for you to meet Eve for the longest time.

    Addison DeWitt : It could only have been your natural timidity that kept you from mentioning it.

    Margo : You've heard of her great interest in the theater.

    Addison DeWitt : We have that in common.

    Margo : Then you two must have a long talk.

    Eve : I'm afraid Mr. DeWitt would find me boring before too long.

    Miss Casswell : You won't bore him, honey. You won't even get a chance to talk.

    Addison DeWitt : Claudia, come here.

    [takes her aside] 

    Addison DeWitt : You see that man, that's Max Fabian, the producer. Now, go do yourself some good.

    Miss Casswell : Why do they always look like unhappy rabbits?

    Addison DeWitt : Because that's what they are.

    [taking her coat] 

    Addison DeWitt : Now, go and make him happy.

    [goes back to Margo and drapes the coat over her arm] 

    Addison DeWitt : Now, don't worry about your little charge, she'll be in safe hands.

    [walks off with Eve] 

    Margo : [watches them go, then lifts her martini]  Ah-men.

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