Andy Clyde: Deputy Marshal Jake Jones


  • [Jake is sending smoke signals] 

    Marshal Jake Jones : Aw, the dad-busted wind! Keeps blowin' the smoke right in my face. Say, Bob, why don't you finish the message? I'm plumb wore all out.

    Marshal Bob Foster : Haven't got time, Jake - gotta finish shavin'. Don't want to look like a tramp with these whiskers on my face. 'Course on some people it might look good.

    [glances at the bearded Jones] 

    Marshal Bob Foster : I don't know any of *those* people.

  • Marshal Jake Jones : You get the dog-gonedest hunches, but I'd wish you'd quit playing dead. You want my whiskers to turn white like Santa Claus's?

    Marshal Bob Foster : Why, it might give you a little dignity.

  • [Jake discovers the villain's moonshine still] 

    Marshal Jake Jones : Oh, lookee... Enough of that stuff to take a bath in!

    Marshal Bob Foster : When did you start bathing?

  • [Although their cabin is burning and full of smoke, the marshals pick off their attackers one by one] 

    Marshal Jake Jones : I got him! There can't be many left out there.

    Marshal Bob Foster : Keep firing, Jake! Keep me covered! I'm going out after 'em.

    Marshal Jake Jones : Well, don't be too long. I don't want to be well-done.

  • [Bob and Jake capture the brains behind the renegade Indian attacks] 

    Marshal Jake Jones : Doggone, if it ain't Mr. Welch!

    Marshal Bob Foster : Yes, Mr. Welch... renegade and murderer.

  • [last lines] 

    Marshal Bob Foster : Hey, Jake, here comes your girlfriend!

    [Mrs. Strongbow gives Jake a small box] 

    Marshal Bob Foster : Now isn't that nice. She brought you a going-away present.

    Marshal Jake Jones : Thank you, Mrs. Strongbow. Thank you very much.

    Marshal Bob Foster : Well, aren't you going to open it?

    Marshal Jake Jones : Aw, in front of everybody?

    Marshal Bob Foster : Oh, come on. It might be a baked apple pie.

    Marshal Jake Jones : Oh, apple pie? Maybe some cheese with it...

    [Jake opens the box and, to his digust, pulls out a razor] 

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