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Gloria Grahame: Laurel Gray



  • [last lines] 

    Laurel Gray : [tearfully]  I lived a few weeks while you loved me. Goodbye, Dix.

  • Dixon Steele : You know, you're out of your mind - how can anyone like a face like this? Look at it...

    [leans in for a kiss] 

    Laurel Gray : I said I liked it - I didn't say I wanted to kiss it.

  • Dixon Steele : Go ahead and get some sleep and we'll have dinner together tonight.

    Laurel Gray : We'll have dinner tonight. But not together.

  • Laurel Gray : [on a scene in Dix's script]  I love the love scene - it's very good.

    Dixon Steele : Well that's because they're not always telling each other how much in love they are. A good love scene should be about something else besides love. For instance, this one. Me fixing grapefruit. You sitting over there, dopey, half-asleep. Anyone looking at us could tell we're in love.

  • Dixon Steele : [noting the geography of their apartments]  You know, Ms. Gray, you're one up on me - you can see into my apartment but I can't see into yours.

    Laurel Gray : I promise you, I won't take advantage of it.

    Dixon Steele : [wryly]  I would, if it were the other way around.

  • Dixon Steele : You know, when you first walked into the police station, I said to myself, "There she is - the one that's different. She's not coy or cute or corny. She's a good guy - I'm glad she's on my side. She speaks her mind and she knows what she wants."

    Laurel Gray : Thank you, sir. But let me add: I also know what I don't want - and I don't want to be rushed.

  • Dixon Steele : Anything you want to make you happy?

    Laurel Gray : [whispers into his ear]  I wouldn't want anyone but you.

  • Capt. Lochner : I didn't expect you to give me more information... but certain facts contradict your original statement.

    Laurel Gray : [flatly]  I wish you'd say what you mean.

    Capt. Lochner : Yes, let's do that. On the night of the Atkinson murder, you looked at Dixon Steele and said you didn't know him.

    Laurel Gray : I didn't.

    Capt. Lochner : Since then, you and he have been inseparable.

    Laurel Gray : He's writing a script. I'm doing the typing.

    Capt. Lochner : Do you receive a salary for this?

    Laurel Gray : No. I'm doing it for love.

    Capt. Lochner : [surprised]  Are you in love with Mr. Steele?

    Laurel Gray : For the record, I am in love with Mr. Steele.

    Capt. Lochner : Are you going to be married?

    Laurel Gray : [pause]  If we do, I'll send you an invitation - after all, it was you who first introduced us to each other.

  • Dixon Steele : Oh, I love a picnic. Acres and acres of sand and all of it in your food.

    Laurel Gray : Stop griping. Just lie still and inhale.

    Dixon Steele : What, sand?

    Laurel Gray : No, air - and don't let it go to your head.

  • Laurel Gray : [to Capt. Lochner]  Yesterday, this would've meant so much to us. Now it doesn't matter... it doesn't matter at all.

  • Laurel Gray : Why can't he be like other people?

    Mel Lippmann : Like other people - would you have liked him? You knew he was dynamite - he has to explode sometimes! Years ago, I tried to make him go and see a psychiatrist. I thought he'd kill me! Always violent. Well it's as much a part of him as the color of his eyes, the shape of his head. He's Dix Steele. And if you want him, you've gotta take it all, the good with the bad. I've taken it for 20 years and I'd do it again.

  • Capt. Lochner : Considering that you've never met Mr. Steele, you pay quite a bit of attention to him.

    Laurel Gray : Hmm-hmm. I have at that.

    Capt. Lochner : Do you usually give such attention to your neighbors?

    Laurel Gray : No.

    Capt. Lochner : Were you interested in Mr. Steele because he's a celebrity?

    Laurel Gray : No, not at all. I noticed him because he looked interesting - I like his face.

  • Dixon Steele : You annoy me!

    Laurel Gray : If I do, it isn't intentional.

  • Laurel Gray : I love Dix. It upsets me terribly that you suspect him, even for second.

    Capt. Lochner : Not for a second, for the last three weeks. He's our most logical suspect.

  • Dixon Steele : Nobody can call me the things he did.

    Laurel Gray : A blind, knuckle-headed squirrel. That's *real* bad.

  • Laurel Gray : [entering kitchen as Dix is sectioning a grapefruit]  What happened to the grapefruit knife?

    Dixon Steele : It was crooked and I straightened it.

    Laurel Gray : Fool, it's supposed to be curved!

    Dixon Steele : What? Wonder what they'll think of next!

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