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7 Jan. 1952
Death by Dictation
A businessman is murdered and his secretary finds out who the killer is. However, instead of turning him over to the authorities, she tries to blackmail him with an incriminating Dictaphone cylinder.
21 Jan. 1952
Delmark Diamond Case
An immigrant gem cutter is being blackmailed by diamond thieves who've tricked him into believing that he's responsible for a hit-and-run death.
28 Jan. 1952
Bad Time Charlie
The brother of a convicted cop killer takes a shot at Inspector Farraday, claiming that his brother is innocent and that Farraday framed him.
14 Nov. 1952
Deep Six
Middle-aged ship's bosun George is about to marry young and pretty Louella. Her former lover, Skip Clark, is jealous; when George turns up dead, Skip is the chief suspect. Blackie believes Skip is innocent; George was killed for his money.
21 Nov. 1952
Minuet for Murders
Phantom Burglar steals Lenore Aldwin's important documents; she offers $500 reward for their return. Crooks want 10 to 20 times that amount of money. Boston Blackie is determined to find out what was so important in those stolen letters.
5 Dec. 1952
Queen of Thieves
A small time pickpocket runs afoul of what looks like a sweet old lady in old fashioned clothes with a comically old automobile, but is in fact a ruthless head of a crime ring. He's shot and put into a coma. Blackie senses the lady, a known ex-con, is up to something as she and her mob plan an art museum heist.
12 Dec. 1952
101 Blonde
Blackie aids a man accused of hit and run. The only clue to what really happened is a Hollywood designer dress.
26 Dec. 1952
So Was Goliath
Blackie tries to get a fighter out of the control of a man the fighter owes money to.

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