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11 Jan. 1954
The Million Dollar Idea
Lucy and Ethel go into business making salad dressing based on Lucy's Aunt Martha's recipe. Their advertising on a local TV show looks like a success, but when Ricky finds that they're losing money on each jar, the girls have to find a way to get their customers to cancel their orders.
18 Jan. 1954
Ricky Minds the Baby
While the Tropicana is closed for repainting, Ricky offers to give Lucy a week's break and take total responsibility for the care of Little Ricky.
25 Jan. 1954
The Charm School
Ethel and Lucy are upset that Ricky and Fred don't seem interested in them. After seeing how they react to a friend's beautiful and poised date, they enroll in charm school.
1 Feb. 1954
Sentimental Anniversary
Lucy and Ricky want to celebrate their anniversary themselves, with a quiet dinner at home. The Mertzes plan a big surprise party for them.
8 Feb. 1954
Fan Magazine Interview
Lucy and Ricky put on a big act for a magazine writer who wants to do an article on the 'real' Ricardos. The writer spends the day with Lucy and plants seeds of doubt about Ricky's fidelity. A stunt by Ricky's publicity agent makes it looks like he is cheating on her.
15 Feb. 1954
Oil Wells
The gang buys oil stock from new neighbors who claim to be Texas oil tycoons.
22 Feb. 1954
Ricky Loses His Temper
Ricky gets fed up with Lucy buying so many new hats. They decide to see who can hold out the longest: she has to stop buying hats and he can't lose his temper.
1 Mar. 1954
Home Movies
When an advertiser agrees to make a pilot for a potential music TV show starring Ricky only, Lucy, Ethel, and Fred make a movie of their own.
8 Mar. 1954
Bonus Bucks
Lucy and Ethel clash over who owns a dollar worth $300.
22 Mar. 1954
Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation
Ricky gets a gig in Hawaii and Lucy goes on a TV game show to win tickets so she and the Mertzes can go along.
29 Mar. 1954
Lucy Is Envious
A former classmate of Lucy Ricardo has done very well for herself, and now heads up a charitable drive for their alma mater. She contacts Lucy for a donation, and Lucy attempts to impress her old classmate by exaggerating her wealth and status. Soon Lucy and Ethel both find themselves in debt to this woman by five hundred dollars each, and in their desperation, they take stunt jobs as "women from Mars" to promote a new movie.
5 Apr. 1954
Lucy Writes a Novel
Lucy's novel - a thinly disguised story of her life and the people in it - upsets Ricky, Fred, and Ethel.
12 Apr. 1954
Lucy's Club Dance
Lucy asks for Ricky's help with her inept all-girl orchestra.
19 Apr. 1954
The Black Wig
Lucy thinks Ricky is not paying enough attention to her and might be tempted to see other women. Lucy puts on a black wig to pretend to be someone else that can tempt Ricky. Her plan does not work out the way she wants.
26 Apr. 1954
The Diner
The Ricardos and Mertzes decide to go into business together and open a diner.
3 May 1954
Tennessee Ernie Visits
Cousin Ernie visits the Ricardos and won't leave. Lucy gets creative trying to find a way to get him to go home.
10 May 1954
Tennessee Ernie Hangs On
Lucy pretends she and Ricky have gone broke to get Tennessee Ernie Ford to leave.
17 May 1954
The Golf Game
After Lucy buys Ricky a set of golf clubs for their anniversary, the girls regret it when he and Fred become obsessed with the game.
24 May 1954
The Sublease
When Ricky gets a long-term gig in Maine, the Ricardos sublease their apartment for two months. When the gig is canceled, the new tenant refuses to give up the sublease. Lucy and Ethel try to force the new tenant to leave.
4 Oct. 1954
The Business Manager
After Lucy gets several months behind in all the bills, Ricky hires a no-nonsense business manager who puts her on a strict budget. Lucy comes up with a scheme to get some extra money that soon has her rolling in cash.
11 Oct. 1954
Mertz and Kurtz
Lucy pretends to be Fred and Ethel's maid to impress Fred's old vaudeville partner.
18 Oct. 1954
Lucy Cries Wolf
Lucy fakes a crisis to test Ricky's love for her.
25 Oct. 1954
The Matchmaker
Lucy tries to get her lonely friend's boyfriend to finally propose. When Ricky tries to save him from marriage, he and Lucy end up having a fight.
8 Nov. 1954
Ricky's Movie Offer
Lucy unwittingly attacks the talent scout sent by a company that wants to cast Ricky in a movie.
15 Nov. 1954
Ricky's Screen Test
Lucy sees Ricky's screen test as an opportunity to get discovered as a new movie star.
22 Nov. 1954
Lucy's Mother-in-Law
Lucy meets her mother-in-law from Cuba for the first time.
29 Nov. 1954
Ethel's Birthday
Convinced that his wife never likes the presents he buys for her, Fred asks Lucy to secretly find a birthday present for Ethel on his behalf. Lucy agrees, and later is with Ethel when she happens to find the gift-wrapped package in a closet. Ethel is less than excited about it, complaining that Fred has a history of giving her horrible gifts. Lucy urges Ethel to sneak a peek at what's inside. Reluctantly unwrapping the gift, Ethel pulls out a pair of strange-looking pants, gives them a quizzical glance and exclaims, "Well, he's done it again." Lucy hides her dismay, ...
6 Dec. 1954
Ricky's Contract
Everyone's on pins and needles waiting for the results of Ricky's screen test.
13 Dec. 1954
Getting Ready
The Ricados and Mertzes prepare for their trip to California where Ricky will be acting in a movie.
1 Nov. 1954
Mr. and Mrs. T.V. Show
Phipps Department Store offers Ricky a job as a morning TV show host, but only if it includes Lucy as well.

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