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Season 2

7 Sep. 1952
Death Medicine
An elderly old man with diabetes is kidnapped by an employee and his gang, who plan to hold him for ransom. Roy and Dale must find the man and give him the insulin injection he needs before he dies from insulin shock.
28 Sep. 1952
Outlaw's Return
An ex-convict who has just been released from prison is befriended by Roy, who gives him a job at the ranch. However, after several hold-ups in the area, suspicion falls on the ex-con, who is promptly thrown in jail. Roy doesn't believe the man is responsible for the robberies, though, and sets out to find the real culprit.
5 Oct. 1952
Huntin' for Trouble
Roy is captured by the Wolf gang. However, the leader of the gang comes down with the mumps, which results in the whole gang being quarantined.
12 Oct. 1952
The Feud
Andy Norton is about to be married when he discovers that his old nemesis Craig Ormond, who Andy believes killed his father, is in town. Andy puts off the wedding until he can confront Ormond and avenge his father's murder.
23 Nov. 1952
Go for Your Gun
Dale is worried about her nephew Bob, who hero-worships a notorious gunfighter. It turns out that the gunfighter is actually fronting for a vicious gang of holdup men.
30 Nov. 1952
Mayor of Ghost Town
A snooty young woman from back East arrives in town looking for her father, the mayor of nearby Red Dog. What she doesn't know is that Red Dog is a ghost town, and that her father has appointed himself "mayor" and is trying to fix it up. However, a bandit gang that sees Red Dog as the perfect hideout doesn't want anyone calling attention to it, and has plans for its new "mayor".
14 Dec. 1952
Blind Justice
An old prospector is robbed and blinded by an outlaw gang trying to take his claim. Roy lets the man use Bullet as his seeing-eye dog, but there's something that Roy and the miner don't know--the doctor who is treating him is actually one of the gang, and will stop at nothing to find the old man's mine.
28 Dec. 1952
The Knockout
Roy notices strangers digging on an isolated section of his land. When he investigates, he discovers that the handlers for prizefighter Willie "Killer" Conley have set up a training camp for the champ. However, Roy begins to suspect that quite a bit more than training is going on there.
22 Feb. 1953
The Run-A-Round
Dale is tricked by a group of con artists into signing over her ranch. The swindlers then promptly sell the ranch to a new arrival from back East who doesn't realize he's being taken, too.
5 Apr. 1953
Phantom Rustlers
An epidemic of cattle rustling is hitting the small ranchers and farmers in the valley, and the cattle seem to just vanish into thin air.
12 Apr. 1953
Loaded Guns
Roy, Dale and Pat investigate when a young ranch hand is framed for murder by his boss.
19 Apr. 1953
The Silver Fox Hunt
Roy has a conversation with the chief of the Acuna Indian tribe, who tells Roy that he believes someone is stealing silver from the mine. Not long afterwards, Roy and Dale find the body of the chief, who'd been murdered. All evidence seems to point to the owner of the local trading post.
26 Apr. 1953
The Mingo Kid
Notorious outlaw The Mingo Kid overpowers Roy and changes clothes with him. Roy is then taken hostage by bandit Turk Black, who plans to use him in his robbery of the Mineral City Bank.
24 May 1953
The Long Chance
Badly needed funds are stolen from a school, and the evidence points to the leader of a gang that is known for rustling and robbing. However, he swears to Roy and Dale that his gang didn't steal the money, and in fact will help them find out who did do it.
28 Jun. 1953
Money to Burn
Dale buys a stove for her visiting nephew's room from a member of a gang in which the man's accomplices have hidden a payroll robbery which the nephew finds and judges counterfeit while the robbers try to retrieve the stove.

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