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Season 3

11 Oct. 1953
The Milliner from Medicine Creek
A scheme is discovered to rob the local Wells Fargo office, and the evidence points to a beautiful young milliner and her grandfather.
1 Nov. 1953
Pat's Inheritance
Pat is notified that both he and his cousin have inherited a ranch. What they don't know is that the ranch contains some very valuable grazing land, and there are people who will stop at nothing to get it.
8 Nov. 1953
Outlaws of Paradise Valley
A bandit gang planning on looting Mineral City take hostage the members of an archaeological expedition from the state university. Roy must rescue the hostages and prevent the gang from robbing the town.
15 Nov. 1953
Bullets and a Burro
An outlaw gang, headed by the sheriff's brother, is plotting to steal an old prospector's life savings.
22 Nov. 1953
Gun Trouble
Jerry King, an orphaned teenager, gets mixed up with outlaw leader Colt Eggers. Eggers gives Jerry the job of killing Roy. However, Roy takes the boy under his wing, and soon Jerry isn't quite sure which side of the law he wants to be on.
6 Dec. 1953
M Stands for Murder
Roy, Dale and Pat see the ghost of the One-Arm Johnny. According to legend, whoever sees the spirit of the old miner will soon die a violent death. When ranchers who reported seeing the specter are found murdered, the Sheriff asks Roy to help with his investigation.
13 Dec. 1953
The Peddler from the Pecos
Pete, a peddler who is a cousin of Pat's, gets mixed up with two fur trappers who have murdered a government agent trying to put a stop to illegal beaver trapping.
27 Dec. 1953
Bad Company
The owners of a hauling company steal a strongbox from their own company. Not only that, but they steal Nellybelle in order to transport the loot. Roy, Dale and Pat give chase.
3 Jan. 1954
Little Dynamite
After an outlaw gang robs City Hall of tax money, they steal Dale's wagon to make their getaway. What they don't know, however, is that they have some extra cargo--a small baby who was in the wagon when they stole it.
17 Jan. 1954
The Kid from Silver City
Outlaw Rod Miner comes to Mineral City, where his father owns the general store. The marshal of Silver City is on his trail, though, so after Rod ambushes the marshal, he sets out to get rid of Roy, too.
24 Jan. 1954
The Secret of Indian Gap
Jiggers Riley, a ten-year-old orphan taken in by his crooked uncle Jasper, is assigned by Jasper to keep Roy and Dale away from a mine that Jasper is illegally operating on government land.
7 Feb. 1954
The Deputy Sheriff
Sheriff Blodgett is shot while investigating a gang of rustlers. Roy gets suspicious about Deputy Morgan when it seems that Morgan is doing more to prevent the gang's capture than to help in it. Soon Roy, Dale and Pat find themselves trapped by the gang, and it seems like there's no way out.
28 Feb. 1954
The High-Graders of Paradise Valley
Roy begins to suspect that Sarah Granby, who runs the town laundry, is involved with a scheme to high-grade ore.
14 Mar. 1954
Land Swindle
A story in a local newspaper raising questions about a property sale leads Roy to investigate what may be a land racket.

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