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Season 5

9 Oct. 1955
And Sudden Death
One of the candidates for mayor of Mineral City is stabbed.
23 Oct. 1955
Ranch War
When John Wagner returns home with his expectant wife after his father's death, he finds that the Kent's have claimed and barricaded the ranch homestead but Roy finds everything legal has been done for the Wagner homestead and helps.
6 Nov. 1955
Violence in Paradise Valley
Four escaped convicts descend on Mineral City looking for a former partner. Meanwhile, Roy and most able bodied men are hunting the desperadoes elsewhere. Dale is subsequently kidnapped by the baddies to make her show them where their partner now lives.
20 Nov. 1955
The Brothers O'Dell
The O' Dell brothers are at odds, when one's outlaw gang robs Mineral City's Wells Fargo office which is managed by the other.
27 Nov. 1955
The Scavenger
The town scavenger stumbles across counterfeit money lost by outlaws.
11 Dec. 1955
Treasure of Paradise Valley
An old miner solicits grubstakes from strangers to finance a phony gold mine. Instead, he uses the money to obtain food for his hungry friends.
18 Dec. 1955
Three Masked Men
A shooting occurs when three outlaws try kidnapping the governor during a Mineral City Frontier Days celebration. Dusty Rogers makes a cameo appearance as boy with bow and arrow.
15 Jan. 1956
A pair of hired gunmen ambush a friend of Roy's friends on the Double-R Bar. Roy sets out to investigate the motives behind the shooting.
29 Jan. 1956
Money Is Dangerous
Roy investigates the local miser's claims that someone is breaking into his remote cabin but not stealing anything. Roy tries to convince the old man to come into town and bring any money he has hidden with him, but his advice is rejected with disastrous results.
5 Feb. 1956
False Faces
Acting Sheriff Roy prevents Mineral City's mayor and his henchmen from framing local Indians in regard to a recent series of shootings. The shooters have been wearing ritual Indian masks, which adds further difficulty to Roy's attempts to clear his Indian blood brothers.
26 Feb. 1956
Horse Crazy
An outlaw gang leader loses his prize horse that he has used to out-run many a posse. Realizing he needs his trusty steed to steal $50,000 being shipped to the local bank, he forces Roy to find his horse in a hurry.
4 Mar. 1956
Smoking Guns
Elderly homesteaders run afoul of two itinerant prospectors, who eat them out of house and home. When one prospector turns to bank robbing to make ends meet, Roy, Dale and Pat get called into action.
11 Mar. 1956
Empty Saddles
Roy's cattle drive is marred by a string of near-fatal accidents. On top of that, his ranch hands start disappearing, one by one. Roy has to find out who's behind these "accidents" and "disappearances".
18 Mar. 1956
Sheriff Missing
When Sheriff Blodgett suddenly disappears, a note is found that indicates the sheriff has left in shame after having taken bribes. Roy doesn't believe it, though, and sets out to find Sheriff Blodgett and clear his name.
25 Mar. 1956
The Horse Mixup
A man is suspected of murdering his brother, in order to gain possession of his valuable horse.

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