The African Queen (1951) Poster

Humphrey Bogart: Charlie Allnutt



  • Charlie Allnut : What are you being so mean for, Miss? A man takes a drop too much once in a while, it's only human nature.

    Rose Sayer : Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.

  • Charlie : We can't do that!

    Rose : How do you know? You never tried it.

    Charlie : Well, yeah, but I never tried shooting myself in the head neither.

  • Charlie Allnut : [exasperated and angry]  Well I ain't sorry for you no more, ya crazy, psalm-singing, skinny old maid!

  • Charlie Allnut : I don't know why the Germans would want this God-forsaken place.

    Rose Sayer : God has not forsaken this place, Mr. Allnut, as my brother's presence here bears witness.

  • Charlie Allnut : How'd you like it?

    Rose Sayer : Like it?

    Charlie Allnut : White water rapids!

    Rose Sayer : I never dreamed...

    Charlie Allnut : I don't blame you for being scared - not one bit. Nobody with good sense ain't scared of white water...

    Rose Sayer : I never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating!

  • [repeated line] 

    Rose Sayer : Mr. Allnut?

    Charlie Allnut : Yes, miss.

  • Charlie Allnut : [skitting Rose]  Can you make a torpedo? Well do so Mr. Allnut.

  • Charlie Allnut : One thing in the world I hate: leeches. Filthy little devils.

  • Charlie Allnut : There ain't nothing so complicated as the inside of a torpedo.

  • Charlie Allnut : Nothin' a man can't do if he sets his mind to it. Never say die. That's my motto!

  • Charlie Allnut : Nobody in Africa, but yours truly, can get a good head of steam on the old African Queen.

  • Charlie Allnut : [about the drinking water they'll get from the engine's radiator]  Of course, it'll taste a little rusty, but we can't have everything, can we?

  • Charlie : All this fool talk about The Louisa. Goin' down the river...

    Rose : What do you mean?

    Charlie : I mean we ain't goin' to do nothin' of the sort.

    Rose : Why, of course we're going! What an absurd idea!

    Charlie : What an absurd idea! What an absurd idea! Lady, I may be a born fool, but you got ten absurd ideas to my one, an' don't you forget it!

  • Charlie Allnut : [his stomach is growling]  Ain't a thing I can do about it.

  • Charlie Allnut : You know why did the chicken cross the road.

    Rose Sayer : [missing the joke]  I beg your pardon.

    Charlie Allnut : Nevermind, miss.

  • Rose Sayer : Who do you think you are ordering me about?

    Charlie Allnut : I'm the captain, that's what!

  • Charlie Allnut : Let's go while the going's good.

  • Charlie Allnut : What a time we had Rosie, what a time we had.

  • Charlie : It's a great thing to have a lady aboard with clean habits. It sets the man a good example. A man alone, he gets to living like a hog.

  • Rose : [after Charlie checks the boat for damage after going down a rather rough set of rapids]  Could you see anything, dear?

    Charlie Allnut : Yeah. The shaft's twisted like a corkscrew and there's a blade gone off the prop.

    Rose : We'll have to mend it, then.

  • Rose Sayer : Don't be worried, Mr. Allnut.

    Charlie Allnut : Oh, I ain't worried, miss. Gave myself up for dead back when we started.

  • Rose : And when it's smooth and flat like that over there...

    [she points at the river ahead of them] 

    Rose : ...does that mean a rock, Mr Allnut?

    Charlie Allnut : Rock or hippo, miss. But don't go bumping into no hippo. Makes them awful mad. This boat's only big enough for the two of us.

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