Rough Riders of Durango (1951) Poster

Walter Baldwin: Cricket Adams


  • Janis Adams : Why, Uncle Cricket, I thought you were resting.

    'Cricket' Adams : I was, but I ain't spendin' my whole life at it!

  • 'Cricket' Adams : I declare, you're gettin' as addle-pated as that young sheriff, unless maybe you're up to some...

    'Rocky' Lane : You can't blame the sheriff for being young. You were young once yourself weren't you?

    'Cricket' Adams : Oh, yes, maybe I was... Yeah, but I had gumption when I was his age! I didn't go around moonin' over girls.

  • 'Cricket' Adams : The first thing you know, I'll wake up with a bullet though me.

    'Rocky' Lane : You'll have a hard time wakin' up from that.

  • [Rocky finds the missing cash Blake's outlaw gang had repeatedly and noisily tried to find in Cricket's barn] 

    'Cricket' Adams : The first time in my life I'll be glad to get rid of money.

  • 'Rocky' Lane : Drop this sack off at the Sheriff's office. Tell him to put the money in his safe

    'Cricket' Adams : Well, alright, but I still don't think it's a good idea.

    'Rocky' Lane : Remember, it's the one in the middle.

    Janis Adams : I'll remember.

    'Cricket' Adams : You don't have to. I ain't in my second childhood, though the way some people act around here you'd think it was.

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