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23 Apr. 1955
Through the Time Barrier
A nutty professor uses his time machine to send Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Perry and himself back to 50,000 B.C., along with a notorious gangster who decides he likes prehistoric times.
30 Apr. 1955
The Talking Clue
Inspector Henderson's son makes a hobby out of collecting various sounds on spools of tape. Unfortunately, a gangster finds a nefarious use for the boy's collection.
7 May 1955
The Lucky Cat
The members of a club devoted to spurning superstition begin to suffer a series of near-calamities.
14 May 1955
Superman Week
While Metropolis gears up to honor its most popular "citizen" during Superman Week, gangster Si Horten (Herbert Vigran) tries to figure out a way to rid the town of the Man of Steel. Taking reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) into his confidence, Horten gives Jimmy a milkshake laced with truth serum, whereupon the boy reveals the location of some hidden Kryptonite--the only substance that can render Superman helpless. Meanwhile, the ever-suspicious Lois Lane (Noel Neill) eagerly anticipates the awkward situation awaiting Clark Kent (George Reeves), who has been ...
21 May 1955
Great Caesar's Ghost
Everybody knows that the favorite expletive of "Daily Planet" reporter Perry White is "Great Caesar's Ghost!" With this in mind, imagine White's shock and dismay when he is confronted with the ghost of Julius Caesar. Before long, all of Metropolis is seriously questioning White's sanity--which is precisely the intention of a gang of crooks who hope to discredit Perry's testimony at a criminal trial. Looks like Superman is going to have to do some ghostbusting in this one.
28 May 1955
Test of a Warrior
Aging Indian Chief Great Horse (Francis McDonald) is in danger of being exiled by his tribe because of his inability to bring rain to his drought-stricken people. Superman (George Reeves) lends a helping hand by guiding Great Horse through a grueling gauntlet--a test of strength and courage--that will enable him to maintain his power. And as for the rain? Well, fear not: Superman may have something up his sleeve to solve that problem as well.
4 Jun. 1955
Olsen's Millions
After rescuing a cat owned by eccentric Mrs. Peabody (Elizabeth Patterson), cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is given a reward--of one million dollars! Much to the dismay of his friends Clark (George Reeves) and Lois (Noel Neill), Jimmy begins throwing away his money on useless creature comforts, including a butler named Herbert (Leonard Carey), who turns out to be in cahoots with con man Stacy Tracey (Richard Reeves). First attempting to defraud Jimmy, Stracy ends up locking the neophyte millionaire and Lois in a safe--whereupon the pair is forced to incinerate...
10 Sep. 1955
Clark Kent, Outlaw
Fired by editor Perry White (John Hamilton), disgraced reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves) joins a gang of diamond thieves. Unbeknownst to fellow reporters Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack Larson), Clark's criminal career is but a sham, a scheme cooked up between Kent and White to trap the real crooks and turn them over to the law. Even so, Clark is forced to prove his loyalty to the gang by "eliminating" Lois and Jimmy, binding the hapless duo to a chair which is then set afire! Isn't it about time for Clark to sneak into that closet and change into Superman?
17 Sep. 1955
The Magic Necklace
Lois (Noel Neill) writes a story about the discovery of an ancient necklace with alleged magic powers. It is said that whosoever wears the necklace will be protected from all harm. Gangster boss Jake Morrell (Lawrence Ryle) decides to kidnap Lois as part of a scheme to find out if necklace is all it is cracked up to be--but Morrell has reckoned without the intervention of Lois' fellow reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves), who happens to have an alternate identity as a flying superhero.
24 Sep. 1955
The Bully of Dry Gulch
Visiting the quaint Old West community of Dry Gulch, Jimmy quickly runs afoul of town bully Gunnar Flinch, who has an eye for Lois. Not necessarily a job for Superman, who nonetheless provides a still timely lesson on bullying.
1 Oct. 1955
Flight to the North
Future TV western star Chuck Connors appears in this classic episode as a gangly hillbilly who happens to be named Sylvester J. Superman. Arriving in Metropolis to seek his fortune, the clueless Sylvester answers a classified ad for the "real" Superman (George Reeves), and before long has been hired by a woman named Marge (Marjorie Owens) to deliver a lemon meringue pie to her fiancé Steve (Richard Garland), stationed at a remote Air Force weather base in Alaska. Meanwhile, gangster Leftover Louie (who else but Ben Welden?) has wagered $25,000 that he can convince his...
8 Oct. 1955
The Seven Souvenirs
A curio dealer named Mr. Willy (Phillips Tead) is enjoying a brisk business selling dozens of souvenir daggers that he claims have been bent out of shape by "man of steel" Superman (George Reeves). Of course, Superman's alter ego Clark Kent knows that the daggers are phony. Why, then, is someone willing to steal every one of the daggers that have been sold in Metropolis? Well, it seems that a con man named Jasper (Arthur Space) is hoping to dupe Superman into using his X-Ray vision to transform two of the worthless daggers into valuable radium!
15 Oct. 1955
King for a Day
Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is mistaken for Prince Gregory of Burgonia (Chet Marshall), who has been targeted for assassination. Putting his life on the line, Jimmy agrees to impersonate Gregory, the better to bring the would-be killer out in the open. Once the not-so-well-hidden culprit is revealed, things look mighty bleak for our boy Jimmy--but never fear, Superman (Clark Kent) is dashing to the rescue.

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