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8 Mar. 1957
Peril in Paris
Superman gets caught up in a scheme to remove a large collection of diamonds originally stolen during the war. Before he can act he has to understand who the criminals are and who are innocently trying to recover their property.
15 Mar. 1957
Tin Hero
A man accidentally foil a robbery during a slow news day, and Perry White builds him up as a crime fighter. Superman has to intercede to help the man when his bravery out strips his abilities.
22 Mar. 1957
The Town That Wasn't
Crooks have constructed a small mobile town. They use it as a speed trap to snare money from unsuspecting motorists. For bigger game, they advertise fifty cent steaks and free coffee to hijack trucks carrying valuable merchandise. After two hijackings, Lois Lane comes upon the "town" and is captured. Now, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Inspector Bill Henderson are trying to track her down. After they, too, are incarcerated, Clark turns into Superman to shut down the criminal operation.
29 Mar. 1957
Tomb of Zaharan
Lois Lane is kidnapped by a third world country after a strange necklace she is wearing indicates she is the reincarnation of that country's legendary queen who'd died 5000 years ago.
5 Apr. 1957
The Man Who Made Dreams Come True
A con man uses an aging monarch's superstitious beliefs against him to get the throne for himself.
12 Apr. 1957
Disappearing Lois
Lois goes undercover as a maid to get an exclusive interview with a notorious gangster.
19 Apr. 1957
Money to Burn
When one of the Planet's warehouses catches fire Superman arrives in time to stop it. Later Perry learns that a large payroll he placed in the safe, is not there. So the insurance company refuses to pay, claiming that the fire was deliberately set to cover up the money's disappearance, which Perry knows he didn't do. So he sets out to find out who did. What he or anyone doesn't know is that a couple of guys who call themselves "The Firemen's Friend" because they go to fires and serve coffee and donuts to the firemen, were the ones who stole the money by using a ...
26 Apr. 1957
Close Shave
Jimmy has a chance encounter with a barber who seems to have a talent for getting people to do what he wants by making them reveal their true nature. Jimmy decides to try this talent to break up a criminal organization.
3 May 1957
The Phony Alibi
Professor Pepperwinkle has developed a way to transmit objects and people through telephone lines. A group of criminals are quick to see the advantage of such a device, and Superman has to stop them before the situation gets out of hand.
10 May 1957
The Prince Albert Coat
A boy hears a plea on the radio for people to donate clothing to flood victims. So he donates his grand father's coat. Later when his grand father learns what he did, he freaks out because, he placed his life savings in the lining. His grand son then goes to the Planet and tells Lois what happened. She decides to print the story hoping someone will help. The two men who picked up the clothing for the drive, who are also crooks upon reading the story sets out to get the coat. Eventually Lois gets a lead so she, Jimmy and the boy set out to get the coat. But when they ...
17 May 1957
The Stolen Elephant
Superman races against time when a circus elephant is stolen. Hundreds of young children risk being disappointed when the elephant promised for a special charity event can't be found.
24 May 1957
Mr. Zero
The Daily Planet gets a strange visitor who turns out to be a rejected citizen from Mars. It is discovered Mr Zero has a talent that attracts the attention of some local gangsters who draw Mr Zero into their gang.
31 May 1957
Whatever Goes Up
Jimmy accidentally discovers an anti gravity formula, unfortunately he has no idea how it was done due to an accident. This does not stop local criminals and the military taking a deep and urgent interest in the formula.

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