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Season 1

13 Nov. 1952
Grey Market
When Biff tries to help a young Polish boy recover his mother's diamond ring from a thief, he discovers a crooked ring of "gray marketeers" who prey on refugees in Marseilles.
27 Nov. 1952
Crash Landing
While on a trip to Czechoslovakia, Biff and Louise attempt to help a U.S. Air Force pilot whose plane accidentally crashed behind the Iron Curtain.
4 Dec. 1952
Alpine Assignment
The Reds are jamming Voice of America broadcasts into Vienna. Biff and Louise have to find out where the jamming is coming from so they can stop it.
11 Dec. 1952
Mona Lisa
The Bakers are invited to import some contemporary paintings, but they soon become aware that they are actually old masterpieces(including the Mona Lisa!) looted from great museums by the Nazis, now painted over to get them out of Europe by murderous art thieves.
18 Dec. 1952
Counterfeit Plates
While vacationing in the German Alps, Biff and Louise learn of a Nazi plan to counterfeit American money and try to find the missing plates that were used to print the twenty dollar bills.
1 Jan. 1953
Paris Perfume
The lingering aroma in a hotel hallway of a powerful scent put Biff and Louise on the trail of a ring on international smugglers.
15 Jan. 1953
Blue Mosque
While visiting Cairo, Biff is ordered to locate a stolen truck. With the help of a local guide, Biff not only discovers the truck, but uncovers a plot to overthrow the government.
26 Feb. 1953
The Witness
A taut hostage drama in a remote seaside resort during the off season. A mobster turning witness against the syndicate is on the run and holds the Bakers and other guests hostage, knowing that among them is an assassin hired to kill him.
21 Oct. 1954
Pattern in Algiers
An old friend of the Bakers is accused of being a spy in French Algiers. Biff and Louise head to the Northern Africa territory to see is they can help their pal in clearing his reputation.
Trouble in Pakistan
Biff heads to Pakistan to help locate a missing sacred idol. While there a case of plague breaks leaving Louise worried about her husband's health amidst an epidemic.
Flight to Istanbul
The Bakers find themselves in a predicament when they can't leave Turkey after martial law is declared. The couple must use ingenuity to get across the border.

 Season 1 

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