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Season 1

The Alien Smuggler Story
Agent Steve Mitchell journeys to Portugal to help his friend and fellow agent bust a human smuggling operation.
The Submarine Story
Steve Mitchell is sent to the South China Seas to assume the identity of the mysterious Captain Jaeger with the mission of breaking up a huge gun-running operation.
Displaced Persons Story
Steve Mitchell is sent to Casablanca to find and stop those responsible for trying to sabotage the relocation of European refugees to their own island in the Mediterranean.
The Memory Chain
The Commissioner sends Steve to Munich Germany to crack and espionage ring that transmits secret information by word of mouth in order to avoid leaving a paper trail.
The Manger Story
Steve is sent to Stockholm, Sweden, to investigate a group of European professors who go conduct worldwide lecture tours. One of them is though to be a foreign agent carrying secrets back with him or her. An informant asks Steve to retrieve his son from a boarding school there, but finds the child has disappeared.
The Key Story
The Commissioner ships Special Agent Steve Mitchell off to the Swiss Alps to recover a document that proves the death of a foreign leader was no accident.
The Bhandara Story
Steve is sent to India to meet with a man named Guda regarding Carter who was possibly framed for stirring up a revolt.
The Salami Story
Steve hops on a French train to protect the head of an American plastics corporation who's traveling to a foreign conference. He finds the industrialist shot dead and missing are the man's documents detailing a new discovery in weapons. With the help of a French businessman, Steve goes undercover among the passengers looking for a suspect.
12 May 1952
The Pat and Mike Story
Steve is in Africa to learn the identity of the man who is stirring up trouble with the native witch doctor.
28 Apr. 1952
The Lagoon Story
Steve packs it up and heads to the Africa to locate two agents who have gone missing while trying to find a deadly strain of parasites that the enemy hopes to use as a weapon.
The Mine Story
Steve is smuggled into an Eastern European labor camp to get intelligence from a one-time Communist bigwig. Passing himself off as one of the uranium miners, Steve gets in and contacts his informer. He runs into unexpected trouble getting out however, as the workers have sabotaged one of the mine shafts to explode.
The Italian Movie Story
A foreign agent loses his life trying to steal a reel of film from a low-budget Italian movie. Steve is sent to Rome to find out why this footage is so valuable. He meets the flick's untalented producer, director and screenwriter and screens the film. Steve can't figure out why anyone would want this pretentious collection of shots. Then, the cameraman staggers in with a knife in his back.
The Blood-Stained Feather Story
Steve Mitchell is sent to Cairo to track and catch the Order of the Secret Dove. This secret society, with both Arab and European members, is terrorizing the whole Middle East. It is a powder-magazine, which can explode the unstable, political situation in the region. A Greek has some information about the secret order, which he is willing to give Steve on certain conditions.
The Burma Temple Story
After a famed foreign correspondent is murdered Steve travels to Burma to locate his missing companion Linya. There he navigates an unusual group of world's citizens and escapes several attempts on his life.
Sunflower Seed Story
In a small country in South America the leader of the minority party is killed three days before the election. A US citizen, living in the country, is accused of the murder. The US government thinks this is just a frame, made up to put the majority party and their ally, USA, in an unfavourable light, thus rising the chances for the minority party to win the election. US special agent Steve Mitchell is sent down there to find out how it is.
The Caboose Story
Steve travels to Tokyo to get evidence on an ex-girlfriend who's suspected in an outbreak of sabotage. He finds Marta as charming and dangerous as ever; an agent and a soldier who figured her out soon join her husband in death. Once Steve accuses her of sabotage and murder, he's in line to be her next victim.
The Missing Diplomat Story
Steve's assignment is to find a missing diplomat, who is believed to be traveling in Barcelona, Spain.
The Briefcase Story
Steve is sent to Paris to protect a man named Szabo, and more importantly, the papers in Szabo's briefcase.
The Civil War Map Story
A Civil War map has been stolen by a foreign agent and Steve has been sent to investigate.
The Piece of String Story
Steve heads to Panama to track down and recover a large quantity of stolen dynamite.
The Iron Banner Story
Steve Mitchell (Brian Donlevy) goes to Greece to find the Iron Banner, on which is a list of secret Nazi bank accounts.
1 Oct. 1952
The Dead General Story
A Balkan general is found murdered and important documents he had have gone missing. Steve heads behind the Iron Curtain to find the paperwork that could aid the Allies.
The Parachute Story
Steve must secretly enter an Eastern European country to infiltrate a spy ring and through the air seems to be the only way.
9 Jun. 1952
The Paris Sewer Story
Steve tracks down a criminal ring who are using the vast Paris sewers as their headquarters.
31 Mar. 1952
The Atomic Mine Story
An land mine is stolen from a U.S. atomic testing lab in the Nevada desert. Steve hops on the next train out of the nearest town, believing the thief is escaping on board the Snowbird, the only transportation out of the area. What the robber and the other passengers don't realize is that the mine is armed and set to automatically explode in just a few hours.
10 Mar. 1952
The Bodyguard Story
Steve is send back to Paris, this time serving as bodyguard to a young French woman who was witness to a murder, until he can turn her over to the police.
17 Mar. 1952
The Art Treasure Story
Valuable Hapsburg art pieces have vanished and intelligence reports that may have gone overseas. Steve heads to Mexico to track down the rumors and hopefully recover the priceless art.
14 Apr. 1952
The One Blue Chip Story
Steve travels to Macao to learn who is spreading counterfeit money through the area.
7 Apr. 1952
The Red Queen Story
Steve thinks a secretive female may hold the key to the whereabouts of a fortune in stolen rubber.
2 Jun. 1952
The Knitting Needle Story
The Italian journalist Lorenzo has found out that the American mafia is financially supporting the Italian mafia in its terror campaign during the present election. He also knows the names of persons responsible for this, but won't tell it to anybody before he has written his articles. Steve Mitchell is commissioned to protect Lorenzo from being assassinated during his trip back to Rome.
21 Apr. 1952
The Assassin Ring Story
In a country in the Middle East the king is assassinated by a secret organization on behalf of a neighboring country. The assassination is arranged in such a way that all clues will point at USA as the principal behind the crime. But this is just a frame, made up by the neighboring country to get the contract for some oil-fields instead of the Americans. US agent Steve Mitchell knows who the real assassins are, but he has to find a way to prove this for the local government.
16 Jun. 1952
The Decoy Story
U S agent Steve Mitchell crosses the Iron Curtain to assist Walter Norton, a U S attache, who has valuable information to escape back to the United States. A trap has been set by the border guard Kursta who allows Mitchell to enter.
24 Mar. 1952
The Death in the Morgue Story
Steve travels to West Morocco to identify and stop saboteurs at a base being built.
The Stolen Letter
Steve exposes South American country's plot against the US.
The Venetian Story
The code breaking machine is down leaving the Allies at a disadvantage. Steve travels to Venice to get a working part without Cold War enemy agents finding out what he's doing.
5 May 1952
The Black Hood Story
After the war a lot of orphaned teenagers are drifting about in Berlin. Some of them have formed a gang of young criminals, who cover their faces with black hoods when doing their robbery. One of their victims happens to be a diplomatic courier, who loses his briefcase with secret papers to the gang. Steve Mitchell is commissioned to find the stolen briefcase before one of the other occupying powers in Berlin seize it.
23 Jun. 1952
The Archeological Story
In the subterranean passages of a ruined castle in Transjordan, built by the Crusaders in 1140, US agent Johnny Marshall has found a statuette of a goddess, which had been hidden there for centuries. The local robber chief Haba Bey wants to lay hands on the statuette, because he could use this as a sign to drive the crowds into a frenzy and an uprising, which will overthrow the government. Haba Bey captures Marshall and tortures him. US special agent Steve Mitchell is sent to the region to find and release Mitchell.
26 May 1952
The Perfect Alibi
A political informer's murder in Rome leads to the discovery that an unknown opportunist is impersonating Steve.

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