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Season 4

19 Sep. 1954
Episode #4.1
Peepers and Nancy return from their honeymoon summer to Jefferson City. There is a problem getting into the upper floor apartment they have rented in the home of Mrs. Gurney.
26 Sep. 1954
Episode #4.2
While playing a host a mystery develops so Mr. Peepers is drafted into being a detective.
3 Oct. 1954
Episode #4.3
Robinson and Nancy are learning two can't live as cheaply as one as the newlyweds prepare a budget. Also Peepers needs to buy life insurance but both a cousin and a father-in-law want to sell him a policy.
24 Oct. 1954
Episode #4.5
Robinson and Harvey are in to be inducted into the Grand Lodge Order of the Lancers of the Southern Star. Their wives are very excited for the prestigious happening plus Mr. Remington is a member there to welcome them.
31 Oct. 1954
Episode #4.6
Mr. Peepers fall into a dream where he fantasizes he is a valiant knight. Harvey Weskit is his villainous enemy while Mrs. Gurney becomes a malevolent witch.
14 Nov. 1954
Episode #4.7
Robinson Peepers has a teachable moment concerning Christopher Columbus.
21 Nov. 1954
Episode #4.8
Mrs. Gurney decides to move to California over the protestations of her friends.
28 Nov. 1954
Episode #4.9
When Robinson brings home unexpected guests for dinner Nancy is not happy. The Peepers have their first marital argument.
12 Dec. 1954
The Rumor
Mrs. Gurney heads to California for a symposium and her replacement is the very attractive Tracey Brown. The helpfulness of Robinson and Wes to the newcomer sends the town gossips into a frenzy causing embarrassment to the teachers.
19 Dec. 1954
Christmas show
Robinson Peepers is looking forward to playing jolly old St. Nicholas. It turns out so do a number of his friends. A problem occurs as there is only one Santa suit.
26 Dec. 1954
Episode #4.12
The Peepers and friends have planned a ski trip for the holiday school break. They talk of the fun of schussing down the mountain but things go amiss on their vacation.
9 Jan. 1955
Episode #4.13
Robinson Peepers, much to his amazement, learns he may be heir to a large English estate. Robinson must travel to Great Britain to collect so he must temporarily say goodbye to his wife and friends.
16 Jan. 1955
Episode #4.14
Robinson Peepers begins his journey by traveling to his port of embarkation. He meets a down on his luck English aristocrat Peter Rhodes-Downing who promises to help Robinson out once they arrive in England.
23 Jan. 1955
Episode #4.15
Robinson and his new friend Peter are aboard their ship preparing to enjoy their Atlantic crossing. But Peepers sweet nature combined with his pal's craftiness lead to several misadventures.
13 Feb. 1955
Episode #4.17
Robinson Peepers at last meets his distant relation in Merry Old England. Peepers learns the exact nature of his inheritance.
20 Feb. 1955
Episode #4.18
Robinson returns to his home and the Weskits wanting to celebrate. Harvey invites the Peepers to an expensive restaurant but then finds himself short on cash. Peepers has the money but it's concealed under his clothes in a money belt.
6 Mar. 1955
Episode #4.19
Nancy tells her just returned husband Robinson that they are expecting their first child. The Peepers are so excited they forget about the party their friend Harvey has planned.
13 Mar. 1955
Episode #4.20
Robinson and Nancy invite her parents over and share the news they are expecting a child. The Remingtons are thrilled they are to become grandparents and begin making all sorts of plans.
20 Mar. 1955
Episode #4.21
When Robinson 's Aunt Lil hears the good news she immediately heads to Jefferson City. Lil wants to be among the first to congratulate Peepers and Nancy on the impending birth of their first child.
3 Apr. 1955
Episode #4.22
Robinson's canary takes flight and he's determined to find it. The only available transportation is a motorcycle so Rob jumps aboard. He ends up crashing a low key garden club creating chaos.
17 Apr. 1955
Episode #4.24
Nancy is stepping down as teacher at Jefferson school before the impending birth of her first child. Her friends decide to throw her a party.
1 May 1955
Episode #4.25
Harvey is thrilled that he might be accepted to an exclusive country club. His friend Robinson tries to bring Weskit back to earth.
8 May 1955
Episode #4.26
A yachting opportunity is presented to Robinson and Harvey, which excites them despite not knowing anything about boating.
15 May 1955
Episode #4.27
Robinson is thrilled when his favorite performer is appearing nearby. Robinson shows up to get an autograph then is surprised when he is drafted to be part of her song and dance act.
29 May 1955
Episode #4.28
Robinson is among those welcoming a new instructor to Jefferson High School. She's to be the gym teacher but Peepers is amazed at the dancing she intends to have the students learn.
12 Jun. 1955
Episode #4.30
The timorous Mr. Peepers summons the courage to ask for a critically needed salary increase. Before he gets the whole thing settled, he is offered a more lucrative position at Angola Military Academy.

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