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8 Jan. 1954
Hospital Capers
Mr. Boynton injures himself on Mr. Conklin's property and Miss Brooks devotes herself to his hospital recovery. Conklin is concerned about being sued and needs Connie's assurance that she mailed his insurance check in.
15 Jan. 1954
Postage Due
Connie Brooks owes $.20 to a recently retired postal clerk Mr. Bagley. He seems to have disappeared so the intrepid teacher turns herself, Mr. Conklin and Mr. Boynton into detectives to find him but gets a big surprise.
22 Jan. 1954
Do It Yourself
Mr. Conklin's garage explodes and he gets the idea that Connie has carpentry skills. He puts her in charge of constructing a new building, so she enlists Walter and Philip to help. The result has an unexpected conclusion.
29 Jan. 1954
Bobsey's Twins in Stir
Mrs. Davis is arrested for selling charity tickets that are actually fraudulent. She visits her sister without telling Connie about the tickets who prints more, then gets everyone thrown in jail when they try to sell them.
12 Feb. 1954
The Jockey
Connie agrees to put up Philip's jockey friend Billy and his horse before a big race. Owing money he needs to lay low so Connie, Philip and Walter must convince Mr. Conklin he's losing his memory and that Billy is a new student.
19 Feb. 1954
Brook's New Car
Miss Brooks buys a used car leading to a series of improbable mishaps involving a fruit stand, a little red wagon, and various automobiles. The damaged vehicles always belong to Mr. Conklin and Connie's debt increases.
26 Feb. 1954
The Hobo Jungle
Miss Brooks learns that Harvey Brent has given a false address and goes to investigate. She meets his father plus two friends who are raising the excellent student in a makeshift home and tries her best to keep him in school.
12 Mar. 1954
The Wild Goose
Walter decides to start early with April Fool jokes and convinces Mr. Conklin he's won a TV. Osgood tasks Connie into picking it up, leading her and Philip on a wild trip laid out by Walter. Conklin somehow ends up with three stolen "prizes".
19 Mar. 1954
Hello, Mr. Chips
Connie is assigned by Mr. Conklin to show an attractive Mr. Philpott, a visiting British teacher, around. Connie uses the opportunity, with Walter and Angela's help, to advance her romance with Philip.
23 Mar. 1954
The Parlor Game
Principal Conklin is not happy when Walter Denton takes a romantic interest in his daughter.
9 Apr. 1954
A Dry Scalp Is Better Than None
When hypochondriac Angela lies that her doctor's given her a month to live, Miss Brooks, Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin throw her a last Christmas party, all dressed in Santa Claus costumes.
16 Apr. 1954
The English Test
Miss Brooks is ordered by Mr. Conklin to tutor a few struggling students so they won't bring down the school's average. But the time coincides with what Connie hopes is a special date with Mr. Boynton.
23 Apr. 1954
Second Hand-First Aid
When Osgood wants Connie to assume the first aid duties of her nemesis Enright so Enright can work part-time, Walter proposes she fake incompetence to avoid the task but the plan goes awry when Boynton appears.
30 Apr. 1954
The Egg
At breakfast Connie and Walter wonder if an egg is fertile, taking it to Mr. Boynton for an answer. Mr. Conklin thinks it's hatching would be a great photo project and sets up a watch. He learns too late Walter switched a rock for the egg.
14 May 1954
The Bakery
Miss Brooks learns a woman from Philip Boynton's past is in town and is extremely curious. Her only clue is the lady is connected to the bakery so Connie investigates, trying not to be caught but fails miserably.
21 May 1954
Old Age Plan
Connie is encouraged by Angela to sell insurance to earn some extra money. But when describing reasons for needing a policy, Boynton, Conklin and even Miss Brooks begin to feel a variety of ailments.
30 May 1954
The Hawkins Travel Agency
As summer approaches Connie learns she can get a free European vacation if she can enlist three others to be paying customers. But everyone she approaches secretly has the same idea but to other exotic locales.
11 Jun. 1954
The Bicycle Thief
Mr. Conklin's bicycle is taken from the grocery story and he wants the thief punished. But Miss Brooks learns a poor lad only borrowed it for his birthday and has returned it. Connie goes to elaborate lengths to protect the boy.
18 Jun. 1954
Just Remember the Red River Valley
Connie and Philip are applying as tutors for a hillbilly show for extra summer cash. They must double as entertainers so they enlist Walter and Mr. Conklin as awful stereotypes, then accidentally audition for the state education official.
1 Oct. 1954
The Miserable Caballeros
Connie meets Ricky, a young boy who gives the impression he's an orphan and his uncle mistreats him. Miss Brooks shares his tale of woe with Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin who join her in trying to help the lad who hasn't been quite truthful.
15 Oct. 1954
Blood, Sweat and Laugh
Connie is told by Mr. Conklin to pick up their costumes for a masquerade ball. She accidentally gets the incorrect outfits, getting ones reserved for an important state official and his wife who Osgood wanted to impress.
22 Oct. 1954
Life Can Be Bones
Connie is jealous of Mr. Boynton's new colleague, biology teacher Miss Sanders and their common interests. She concocts a scheme with Walter to bury butcher bones in her backyard but Walter substitutes dinosaur bones creating havoc.
29 Oct. 1954
Two-Way Stretch Snodgrass
Connie is involved when Madison's best athlete, Stretch, has to temporarily relocate. Rival Hamilton High entices the young man to their school so Connie and Mr. Conklin pretend to be his parents, with Walter as Stretch, to outwit them.
5 Nov. 1954
Angela's Wedding
Connie is helping Angela prepare for her wedding but no one has met the groom Mr. Farnsworth. Angela mistakes the new coach Mr. Greeley as her intended and becomes apprehensive. Mr. Boynton becomes jealous of the brawny Greeley.
12 Nov. 1954
Van Gogh, Man Gogh
Miss Brooks has taken up painting and her self portrait attracts the interest of Mr. Baptiste. Walter loses the painting, creates a bad imitation and Mr. Conklin decides to involve himself. He outbids Baptiste who's only interested in the frame.
26 Nov. 1954
The Jewel Robbery
Connie goes to the movie alone after Philip breaks a date but then sees him acting suspiciously after a jewelry store robbery. But it's Mr. Conklin who is arrested so Miss Brooks takes extreme measures to keep both men out of jail.
3 Dec. 1954
Space, Who Needs It?
Walter pranks Mr. Conklin by putting a BB in his telescope after he has to polish it. Osgood believes he's discovered a new planet. Miss Brooks keeps the secret to spend time with Mr. Boynton who's enthusiastic about astronomy.
10 Dec. 1954
The Novelist
Miss Brooks welcomes former student Terence Layton who has become a popular novelist. She decides to use his former crush on her to make Philip jealous. But it's Layton's expose of Madison High that has Mr. Conklin in an uproar.
17 Dec. 1954
Four Leaf Clover
Miss Brooks finds a four leaf clover and truly believes it will bring good luck including a promotion. But a series of calamities occur primarily involving a car she just fixed plus ruining Boynton's perfect attendance and Conklin's trip.

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