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7 Jan. 1955
The Citizen's League
Miss Brooks reads from a government pamphlet that all good citizens harbor a secret. The news weighs heavily on the minds of Connie, Philip and even Mr. Conklin until they all confess their misdemeanors.
14 Jan. 1955
Miss Brooks finds a letter with an unknown recipient or sender. Both Conklin and Boynton interpret it's contents as a threat to their well being. Visiting Ricky uses that info to have Philip spend time with Connie as well as keep Osgood away.
21 Jan. 1955
Noodnick, Daughter of Medic
Mr. Conklin thinks he's being fired after mishearing Connie and superintendent Stone. He writes a nasty letter before learning the truth and involves Miss Brooks into fixing the problem, effecting her own English department promotion.
28 Jan. 1955
The Stuffed Gopher
Miss Brooks and her friends arrive at Madison High to see that it's been vandalized. Connie and Walter learn that Stretch is responsible as he was trying to catch a gopher per Mr. Conklin's orders. They try to ensure Stretch isn't blamed.
4 Feb. 1955
Safari O'Toole
Old friend Safari O'Toole is visiting Mrs. Davis for her birthday. She's determined to wear a ring he gave her years ago but it goes missing. Also everyone is broke but determined to give the Margaret a gift so the pawn shop becomes busy.
11 Feb. 1955
The Weighing Machine
Miss Brooks is urged by Margaret and Philip to fight to get a penny back after a weight machine malfunctions. But a rumor spreads among the students that she's broke and begin raising funds for her as she continues her effort to get her refund.
18 Feb. 1955
Public Speaker's Nightmare
School officials are visiting Madison and Mr. Conklin to give a welcoming speech. But he fears doing badly so Miss Brooks aids him by taping it ahead. But putting Walter and Stretch in charge of the recorder proves to be a mistake.
25 Feb. 1955
The Auction
Madison High is having a fundraising campaign and a philanthropist has agreed to donate a house's contents. Mr. Conklin and Walter both give Stretch errands which he confuses. Mr. Conklin is surprised to see his furnishings being sold.
4 Mar. 1955
The Mambo
The Madison kids are hanging out at Elmer's Malt Shop instead of doing homework and Mr. Conklin is going to stop it. He hires Orville Mason as security who's actually a dance instructor. Connie and Osgood go incognito to learn the truth.
11 Mar. 1955
The Dream
Miss Brooks takes a long nap on the sofa and dreams of her future along with her friends. Mr. Boynton becomes romantic, various couples marry, and babies arrive. Walter even graduates from high school.
25 Mar. 1955
The Return of Red Smith
Miss Brooks learns Margaret has been lying to an old boyfriend Red Smith about her social standing. He's going to a visit so Connie decides to help her landlady make a good impression. Unfortunately the furniture is about to be repossessed.
8 Apr. 1955
Le chien chaud et le mouton noir
Miss Brooks gets a part time job at what she believes it an elegant restaurant. But Mr. Conklin has bought a greasy spoon and is her employer again. The place has no business however until the superintendent arrives to Osgood's dismay.
15 Apr. 1955
Kritch Cave
Local landmark Kritch Cave is being sold so Connie, Walter, and Philip visit to reminisce. Miss Brooks becomes involved in the transaction, ending up with the incorrect deeds and accidentally sells Madison High. Miss Davis comes to the rescue.
22 Apr. 1955
Mister Fargo's Whiskers
Miss Brooks changes her hair style per Harriet's suggestion to reignite her relationship with Philip. Mr. Conklin, concerned about an official visit by Fargo, tries to get her to take time off so she's not around. Instead she greets Fargo with strange behavior.
29 Apr. 1955
The Great Baseball Slide
Stretch's prowess as a baseball player is changing expectations about his future. But an injury has Miss Brooks persuading Conklin and Boynton to pretend to be agents so the actual baseball representative will still sign Stretch.
6 May 1955
Turnabout Day
Walter's idea to have students and teachers swope roles happens at Madison despite Mr. Conklin's opposition. Connie learns Walter forged the letter of official approval so she needs to convince Mr. Stone he wrote it.
13 May 1955
Here Is Your Past
Someone is following Connie around, stealing items from her friends connected to her. She's also giving away a puppy which injures Mr. Conklin through his sneezing. It's all tied to being honored on a television program for her good works.
20 May 1955
Madison Mascot
Mr. Conklin thinks the school needs a new mascot and his wife breaks an elephant bookend. Due to a torn note Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton misunderstand the situation and head to the circus to get the animal they believe has been selected.
27 May 1955
The Big Jump
Principal Osgood agrees to jump from the top of the high school into a fireman's net as a publicity stunt, but gets cold feet as the hour for his leap nears. He fakes an injury, then tries to convince the male teachers to take his place. When they all develop mysterious maladies, it's up to Miss Brooks to uphold the faculty's honor.
3 Jun. 1955
Home Cooked Meal
Miss Brooks is competing for Mr. Boynton's affections with Miss Enright and decides she needs to be more domestic. Connie offers to make him dinner on his new stove but must hide the fact that she can't cook.
7 Oct. 1955
The Blind Date
Connie and Philip are on the outs to the extent of returning past gifts. This concerns Walter who disguises his voice and makes them think they both have a blind date at the most romantic spot in town.
14 Oct. 1955
Transition Show
A road construction project demolishes Madison High and Connie Brooks finds herself jobless. She applies to Mrs. Nestor's elementary, is hired and meets her new colleagues. To her dismay her old boss Mr. Conklin is also employee.
21 Oct. 1955
Who's Who?
At her new school, Miss Brooks has replaced a teacher (Miss Montoya) who just got married and is leaving on her honeymoon. A Hispanic boy in the class, announced that he will always dislike Miss Brooks because he liked Miss Montoya so much. The head of the school informs Miss Brooks that to continue to work at the school, she much live nearby, in the Valley. This would force Miss Brooks to leave her longtime landlady in LA, Mrs. Davis. Needing a job, Miss Brooks agrees to make the move. Miss Brooks may find a new paramour, and this one a little more aggressive than ...
28 Oct. 1955
Burnt Picnic Basket
Connie's picnic with friends takes an odd turn.
4 Nov. 1955
Big Ears
A fortune teller believes Connie will meet a fascinating stranger with big ears.
11 Nov. 1955
Have Bed - Will Travel
Connie arranges to have her former landlady move in with her.
18 Nov. 1955
Protest Meeting
Connie protests when Mr. Conklin makes strict faculty rules.
25 Nov. 1955
The King and Brooks
A maharaja promises Connie wealth if she'll go to his palace.
2 Dec. 1955
Mad Man Munsey
Miss Brooks is bewildered when two beautiful women warn her away from a romance with Mr. Munsey. After Mr. Conklin installs an intercom system to eavesdrop Connie stages a scene with Munsey to fool her boss.
9 Dec. 1955
Connie and Bonnie
Connie is arrested in a gambling joint.
23 Dec. 1955
Music Box Revue
Connie is sold a special music box that only plays to remind people of the Christmas spirit. While helping with the pageant she learns Ricky is spending the holiday alone but she has a date with Mr. Boynton. The right choice becomes clear.
30 Dec. 1955
The New Gym Instructor
Connie chooses the most handsome, but least qualified candidate for a physical-education position.

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