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6 Jan. 1956
The Skeleton in the Closet
Connie plans to keep a blackmailer from revealing the skeleton in her closet.
13 Jan. 1956
Miss Brooks, with Mr. Conklin, are put in charge of a newly merged school the Amalgamation. But the students are over privileged brats so they decide to act outrageously with their friends so Mrs. Pryor will cancel the contract.
20 Jan. 1956
Two of Connie's two old friends arrive for a visit but after hearing about their families she's even more depressed about being single. She imagines an alternative exciting life then her male co-workers all show up as her boyfriends.
27 Jan. 1956
Twins at School
Connie breaks school policy by getting a second job as her sister Bonnie to earn extra cash. Mr. Conklin tries to get her fired but instead Mrs. Nestor hires Bonnie to teach dance. Miss Brooks must think fast to continue her ruse.
3 Feb. 1956
Mrs. Nestor's Boy Friend
Mrs. Davis has a persistent suitor in Mr. Finley who she'd like to be rid of. And Connie needs Mrs.Nestor to relax her policy on staff coed relationships. Connie decides a date between Mrs. Nestor and Mr. Finley is what everyone needs.
10 Feb. 1956
Acting Director
A Hollywood director is visiting Mrs. Nestor's School.
17 Feb. 1956
Mr. Boynton's Return
Connie's old boyfriend Phil Boynton returns but she already has a date that night with Mr. Talbot. Arranging to have a friend go out with Talbot, a mix up occurs. Connie has to pretend to be a child to spend any time with Philip.
24 Apr. 1956
White Lies
Miss Brooks is often tardy because her dates with Mr. Talbot go late. She has to deal with the resulting rumors. An old admirer visiting Mrs. Davis and Connie helps her cover up the falsehoods she wrote to him about.
2 Mar. 1956
The Great Land Purchase
Miss Brooks helps Mrs. Davis in a dispute with her sister Angela but she accidentally buys Mr. Conklin's house next to a bowling alley. Connie must have a different scheme so his new home seems less desirable.
9 Mar. 1956
Raffle Ticket
Connie Brooks has won a $1,000 with a raffle ticket but it breaks the rules of the school about gambling. Mr. Conklin is determined to catch and fire the still anonymous person. Connie must claim the cash yet avoid her boss finding the out.
16 Mar. 1956
Library Quiz
Connie and Mr. Conklin compete with two young star students from another school to win books for the library.
23 Mar. 1956
A Mother for Benny
Connie learns Benny thinks she would be a perfect mother for him if she married his dad. She then finds Mr. Conklin is seen as a potential dad for a student so she decides to play matchmaker between Mr. Romero and the little girl's mother.
30 Mar. 1956
Connie and Frankie
Mr. Conklin agrees to give Mr. Boynton and his friend Frankie jobs at the school. Connie is happy about it until Frankie shows up and is not what was expected. Connie and Mrs. Conklin work together to change Mr. Conklin's mind.
6 Apr. 1956
Top Hat, White Tie, and Bridle
Mr. Romero's son and Mrs. March's daughter threaten to run away from home unless their parents get married by the end of the day. Mrs. March is hundreds of miles away and can't make it back. Connie comes up with the solution for the wedding problem just in time.
13 Apr. 1956
24 Hours
Mr. Boynton seems less reluctant to make things official with Miss Brooks but he has one caveat. They must go a full day witnout encountering a quarreling couple. Connie tries to ensure that it happens no matter what.
20 Apr. 1956
Miss Brooks is talked into buying Geraldine, the milk run horse, by Benny. But complications arise when it's discovered she is soon to be a mother with Mr. Boynton as a midwife while Conklin and Munsey are sent into a tizzy.
27 Apr. 1956
The $350,000 Question
Connie submits a question to a popular quiz show which the contestant is unable to answer. Miss Brooks is awarded prizes which Misters Conklin, Munsey, and Boynton all believe they deserve a share for their assistance.
4 May 1956
Principal for a Day
Miss Brooks is informed by Mr. Ronero that a syndicate he has formed had bought the school and made her the new principal. Connie, joined by Boynton and Munsey uses the opportunity to tell off Mr. Conklin but then the deal falls through.
11 May 1956
Travel Crazy
Connie and Philip are discussing summer travel plans but neither have enough money for their dream vacation. By pooling their savings with others a contest is entered where the winner gets the entire amount for a trip to Europe.

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